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Women In Technology International (WITI) was founded in 1989.

Since 1989, WITI's mission is in fostering relationships and community, cultivating professional growth and boosting competitiveness — to help realize individual and collective potential in the workforce across industries, worldwide.

In 2023, WITI merged with Criterion Research to become the new WITI : Workforce Innovation, Trust and Influence.


Global Network Reach


Professional Community as a Service


Networks in North & South America, EMEA, APAC, Australia


Global Partners and Sponsors


Years of Partner + Member Visibility

We specialize in:

WITI curates offerings to serve business partnerships and member needs. Our services include: virtual events and workshopping in professional development, coaching sessions, custom AI training and certification for companies, and more.

Contact us for inquiries, and to learn about how we work with certified experts, entrepreneurs, and businesses to deliver on the human capital that influence outcomes.

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