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Founded in 1989, Women in Technology International (WITI) is the leading organization for the advancement and inclusion of women in business and technology. Our innovative programs and platforms are designed to ensure women, minorities, and technology organizations realize a diverse and inclusive workplace. Our networks, members and employees are experts across dozens of industry and technology fields.

Our network of individuals includes subject matter experts from dozens of fields. Cultivate, strengthen, and leverage relationships through the myriad ways our members engage with WITI as a community.

We enable organizations ranging from startup firms, SMBs, and Fortune 50 companies to:

Our platform hosts:

  • Coaching/Mentorship
  • Continuing Education
  • Webinars
  • Sponsored events
  • Speaking Engagements

  • Wellbeing Center
  • Virtual Summits
  • Total Talent Solutions
  • Book Store
  • WITI enhances the way individuals collaborate to drive innovation and growth while partnering with corporations to create and foster inclusive cultures. A leading authority of women in technology and business, WITI has been advocating and recognizing women's contributions in the industry for more than 30 years. WITI's ecosystem includes more than three million professionals, 60 networks, and 300 partners, worldwide.

    WITI's Mission

  • Empower innovators.
  • Inspire future generations.
  • Build inclusive cultures.

  • WITI's mission is to empower innovators worldwide to achieve unimagined possibilities and transformations through technology, leadership and economic prosperity.
    WITI's Goals

  • Become the gold standard for intersectional inclusivity.
  • Spark innovation that uplifts all.
  • Empower individuals to create meaningful transformation in their organizations.
  • Foster accessibility and celebrate difference
  • WITI Networks

    WITI Professional Network

    For professionals who consider technology central to their businesses and careers, WITI Networks provide life-changing connections, resources, and opportunities - all in a supportive environment that highlights those who champion WITI's mission.

    WITI Corporate Network

    For organizations that want to reach influential figures in technology fields, hire employees, and increase their bottom line by tapping into the power of WITI's products and services. Businesses benefit by recognizing that women's leadership skills and purchasing power are underserved economic forces powering the economy today.

    WITI Industry-Based Networks & Skills (WINS)

    WITI WINS provide forums for professionals to network with each other, forge connections, share resources and discover opportunities in their technology industry.

    The WITI WINS are established to help members transform their communities, fast forward their businesses and careers, and effectively move through challenges using the tools, connections and resources WITI provides. Some of these include:

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    Every career stage:

    WITI Member Demographics

    Statistics about our members are available here.

    What Differentiates WITI?

    We're The First

    WITI is proud of being the first organization recognizing technology as a field of opportunity for women looking to advance in their career. From Fortune 50s, to SMBs, and consultancies, our members encompass individuals and organizations that celebrate the role that technology plays in career development, business, and life.

    We're Proactive

    Women talk and we listen. Our approach to cultural transformation is informed by the unique challenges faced by women across underrepresented groups. Through our in-house services and affiliate partners, we have the resources necessary to support organizations in their efforts to evolve.

    We Team with Advocates

    WITI works in collaboration with all staff to advance women in their careers, and proudly highlight this supportive community in our programming. WITI endeavors to strengthen connections and create trusted, reliable networks that reflect the full spectrum of diverse identities held by WITI members.

    We Team With Business

    Powered by WITI™, WITI's corporate whitelabel program, helps businesses increase their bottom line. Through the Powered by WITI™ program, organizations can reach industry influencers, increase market share with heightened brand awareness, find suppliers that get the job done effectively, and more. Learn more about corporate memberships.

    Our Alliances

    At WITI, 1+1 = 11! We have put into place dynamic alliance programs, such as industry discounts, business tools, and additional networking opportunities. For our corporate clients, our partnerships offer a powerful means of reaching thousands of innovators worldwide with information about products and services. Since women are the primary purchasers of just about everything, this translates into a cost-effective way to impact bottom line. Current Alliances.

    Our Corporate Partners

    The world's most broadly recognized businesses including Salesforce, Microsoft, GEICO, and IDC trust WITI to support them in fulfilling their commitment to their mission. By prioritizing the advancement of women in their workplaces, organizations send the message to their industry and their staff that they embrace the future. Current Partners.

    Organization History


    WITI Professional Association, Inc. (WITI) is a corporation committed to empowering innovators, inspiring future generations, and promoting cultures that cultivate equity, worldwide. Carolyn Leighton founded WITI in 1989, originally launched as The International Network of Women in Technology, to advance the careers of women working in all sectors of business and technology (read the story or watch the video), while providing access to - and support from - others in their fields of interest. In 2001, WITI evolved into the WITI Professional Association. Driven by international demand, today WITI operates as a corporation offering a wide array of services and products for members and corporate partners.

    WITI Executive Management Teams

    WITI Professional Association
    Carolyn Leighton

    David Leighton

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