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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Rest In Power
By Carolyn Leighton and Ellie Ebby

There were so many remarkable aspects to Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, but, in my opinion, what made her especially effective was the smart, strategic approach she took to achieving her goals.   Read More

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Deborah Theobold's Entrepreneurial Journey and Tips for Board Leadership
By Erin Horiuchi

Deborah Theobold, CEO of Vecna Technologies was featured on WITI's Fireside Chat, hosted by Parna Sarkar-Basu, VP of Brand Marketing for WITI and founder of Brand and Buzz Marketing.   Read More

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From India to the U.S.: A Corporate Journey Through the Pandemic
By WITI News Staff

When businesses around the world nearly came to a standstill with the lockdown, there was an immediate need for companies to work remotely.   Read More

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Living In The Forever Now Series: Investing in Yourself With Miranda Richardson
By Fiona Waters

Miranda Richardson, Senior Technology Account Manager at Microsoft, wants to remind employees that they are individuals, first and foremost.   Read More

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Michelle Obama Has A Podcast: Life Lessons Episode 4
By Veronica Cashman

The connections that we have to ourselves and others have become the subject of discussions during this pandemic in ways they hadn't been in previous years.   Read More

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Zoom Fatigue Is Real and Here's What To Do About It
By Fiona Waters

Six months into the pandemic, virtual meetings have become -- at least temporarily -- the norm. They happen every day, sometimes for hours and hours and hours and ...   Read More