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Digitization and Cybersecurity
By Niharika Srivastav and Sanjay Saxena

Why is there so much attention about Cybersecurity in recent times? Why is security a rapidly growing concern within both our Federal & State government agencies?   Read More

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A Seat at the Table: Diverse is the New Workplace
By Progress Ime

Keep Us in the Room - Implementing and Enforcing Racial Equity in the Workplace.   Read More

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5 Unusual Professions to Pursue in the Field of Medicine
By Andy Latkovskis

Careers in medicine are very competitive, leading to just a few intakes in the field. So how do you stand out?   Read More

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The Unsustainability of Happiness - Combating feeling stuck post COVID
By Progress Ime

This past year many of us experienced our fair share of setbacks and unforeseen obstacles. Even when joy and happiness were on the horizon, long awaited accomplishments often went uncelebrated.   Read More

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Alice Ball - A Stolen Cure
By Casey Mazzotti

Alice graduated from Seattle High School in 1910 and went on to earn undergraduate degrees in pharmaceutical chemistry in 1912 and pharmacy in 1914 from the University of Washington.   Read More

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What Every Computer Science Major Should Know
By Drew Allen

Computer science is a very promising career path at this moment in time, and many people are seeing the huge earning potential of securing long-term employment in this field.   Read More