The Compectus: The Future of Technology, Re-imagined

Noelle Downey

September 11, 2017

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For those who spend a significant percentage of their time in front of a computer or tablet, the keyboard is one of the most well-known but forgettable pieces of tech on the market. This idea is the opinion of Jatin Chhabra, Dr. Sangye Shrestha, and the team at Compectus, a new tech company geared toward reinventing familiar devices.

They hope to rethink the often overlooked design flaws of the keyboard's traditional design, and produce something that will offer something brand new to the consumer, along with all the best attributes of the keyboards we're so familiar with. With these goals in mind, the team set to work, and now they've created a campaign with a $50,000 goal to crowdfund their first beta run of the final product, the Compectus.

"A keyboard is one of the computer accessories which has been ignored for decades," the team insists, "yet it's feasible to develop into a product intended to do more than just typing. In 2016, we decided to think of a keyboard that is portable, rollable, and multi-functional at the same time." They achieved this with the Compectus. "There is no keyboard on the market except the Compectus that has 4X hyper base quality speakers, inbuilt mic, Bluetooth 4.1+Enhanced Data Rates chipset, hands-free calling, universal OS compatibility, magnetic detachability, and more," the Compectus team explains. "The compact nature of these features makes our product stand out from the crowd."

The Compectus is a detachable keyboard that is compatible with desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It features high-quality Bluetooth speakers for stellar sound on the go. It works with any operating system and rolls up into one compact shape, making it easy to store in the accompanying pouch for convenient transportation. The keyboard and the speaker function together and separately, and are easily reattached to one another with magnets. The Compectus features a microphone and up to three days of battery life. It comes in black, silver, gold, and rose gold.

When asked what inspired the unique functions of this keyboard, the Compectus team responded that they were taking the next logical step in the trend of multi-functionality: "Today every device is multi-functional. We thought multi-functionality was an unaddressed need in a traditional keyboard, and we are targeting consumers who love to experience several functions through one device."

They're not only concerned with all the extra accessories of their new product; they also want to make sure that Compectus has a lasting impact: "The tech industry is full of come and go devices that lose importance in just months. We, as a company, rely on sustainable products where the technical specifications remain for a longer time."

Now is the perfect time for the Compectus team to consider the values and missions of their new enterprise, as the launch of their $50,000 Indiegogo campaign marks not only the unveiling of their new product, but also the start of their new company. At Compectus, the team hopes to create an environment where a diverse team can develop new and groundbreaking views on older pieces of tech to give them new life and relevance in the coming digital age. When asked what their goals for the future were, they said, "We want to focus on compacting daily used tech devices to make them more versatile and useful." The entire team hopes to use the momentum of the Compectus campaign to jumpstart their company and lead to further tech breakthroughs in the future. "Launching a single product with loads of new features doesn't mean that it's the only outcome we could aim for," representatives of Compectus say. "We anticipate redeveloping the Compectus into the Compectus 2 with advanced features and improved stability of the device."

The creators of Compectus also hinted at their next project: "It will be a compact Bluetooth headset with an ergonomic design and lots of extra features."

Compectus has the potential to be the company to reimagine the everyday technology we've learned to disregard. They're creating a new empire of revitalized and, above all, distinctly convenient products for the consumer. With the launch of their first device, it's clear that Compectus is off to a great start.

Noelle is a freelance writer and editor from Dayton, OH. She recently earned her BA in English from Wright State University, where she graduated with honors. In her spare time she runs Ripcord., a non-profit literary arts publication she created and crowdfunded.

Compectus is a company on the cutting edge of revitalizing everyday technological products. Their first design, a rolling keyboard with attachable speakers and a plethora of other accessible features called The Compectus, is currently on the market.

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