New Reality MetaObjects Enhance Marketing & E-Commerce

Jodi Schiller

October 11, 2017

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Daily, we are bombarded by information on the web and in our real lives. As marketers, the challenge grows ever more difficult to find the right customers with the right content. This challenge only becomess more difficult with the growing advent of virtual and augmented reality, otherwise known as the metaverse.

In the midst of this massive expansion, how can marketers carve out a clear, visual message, simply convey complicated information, and track and measure all engagement while guaranteeing consistency of brand and product vision?

Introducing New Reality MetaObjects

Beyond the Image

We know images instantly capture attention, whereas words bog people down (per the New York Times, images are processed 60,000 times faster than words). And images communicate a wide range of information - emotion, context, distinct points of view - instantly. Our brains are wired to understand these scenarios and process images efficiently. Here's what Pinterest has taught the world: pictures beget clicks, which in turn beget purchases. According to research by Shopify, consumers that click to a site from Pinterest are 10% more likely to purchase; and a Bizrate Insights survey a few years back reported that "32% of online buyers in North America have made a purchase as a result of seeing an image on a social image-sharing site, such as Pinterest."

Now, imagine if your image could come to life, and suddenly become a portal to a fully-rendered, lifelike 3D product that your customer can explore and experience as if it were real - perhaps better than real.

What is a New Reality MetaObject?

A New Reality MetaObject is an interactive 3D digital asset that can feature animation, videos, tutorials, and e-commerce portals that can be engaged with and manipulated in augmented and virtual reality. Your MetaObject can be attached to practically any existing ad unit in print, on the web, in social media, in video, or even attached to physical products.

Say your company sells cameras, and you've just announced a new top-of-the-line model. While sitting in the dentist's office flipping through a magazine, a potential customer comes across your camera advertisement and sees they can unlock your MetaObject. That magazine now becomes a portal for interaction, enabling the customer to use their smartphone to experience your camera in full-size, lifelike detail. Your customer begins to interact with it, explore it from all angles, and view examples of the quality images it produces. An animation swaps lenses and demonstrates its newest capabilities. Perhaps there's even a video of it being used in various locales by various photographers. Your customer, now immersed in your experience, may choose to buy the camera right there, simply by pushing an in-app buy button.

Beyond Boundaries: Virtual and Augmented Reality

Because a New Reality MetaObject exists simultaneously in virtual and augmented reality, you have access to all the many benefits of these two emerging technologies.

Augmented Reality

With augmented reality, you empower your customer to view real-world items through their smart device, and activate the MetaObject wherever they are. Products can be experienced in the customer's home, on their body, or explored on-the-go. This gives your customer real-world context on the spot - a powerful purchase motivator.

Virtual Reality

With virtual reality, your customer perceives themselves as being fully present with the product. In a recent study of the effectiveness of virtual reality by Virtual Sky, VR was seen to be 1.5 to 18 times more effective than traditional video advertising. Brand recall was eight times more effective when VR ads were used, and intent to share was more than two times more likely. VR is especially effective for high-value, exclusive-access items. Consider, for example, the ability to test drive a luxury car from the comfort of your own home.

Measure, Report, Learn, and Improve

A New Reality MetaObject has fully customizable analytics. It is a fully managed, digital asset entirely owned by you and trackable in whatever way is most meaningful for your campaigns. Marketers can track engagement time, number of unique views, number of interactions, which hotspots were used the most, viewer demographics, which pathways led to the most sales, and much more depending on what they want to know. Robust insights such as these empower marketers to constantly fine tune their campaigns for greater success.

Brands that can master their visual communication will take the lead. New Reality MetaObjects position the brand for the future of marketing in virtual and augmented reality.

Would you be interested in using New Reality MetaObjects for your marketing campaigns? Why or why not?

Originally posted on New Reality Arts.

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