Six Essential Components of a Brilliant Product Launch Presentation

Regine Ward

April 02, 2019

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A new product launch is always exciting and a bit nerve racking, as it implies significant work to be done. One of the steps that a brand needs to take, while launching a new product, is to make a presentation that often transforms into a whole event.

An excellent presentation is a way to deliver the key message and discuss the main characteristics and advantages of the product. Do you know why Apple always makes great presentations? They understand the importance of the medium and how utilizing it is an opportunity to sell their products to a wide audience who enjoy seeing their presentations.

Creating a compelling, catchy, and informative presentation is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time and requires in-depth consideration. This article will discuss the six essential components of product presentation that amaze audiences.


The first and foremost component of a brilliant product presentation is entertainment. It's not surprising since people seek emotions more than just a good story when considering the purchase of a new product or service. Buyers need to be aware of how training courses aren't just being sold but new career opportunities, and not just lamps but the comforts of home.

If wanting a presentation to be effective enough, provide an experience that the audience will remember. When thinking about the product, the target audience must associate it with positive emotions.

Take Successful Presentations as an Example

How is that done? We are not talking about making a fire show, nor anything of that nature. Look at Steve Jobs' presentations, for example. He added humor and fantastic graphics, which amused and connected with his audience. But the key component was his product itself being the real star that his events were built around.

If showing a presentation during an event, make sure to schedule entertaining activities as well, like workshops, expositions, educational clips, and group activities. Communicate with the audience and answer their questions while maintaining an informal, relaxed tone.


No one will be interested in the product if they don't understand its usefulness. People need to be shown why they need the product and how their life may be bettered by it. Don't be generic when speaking about the product: "This is the best cooler on the market," or "We have produced an exceptional power bank." What is the value of this information? It's too subjective and lacks any specific details that potential consumers are looking for.

To have the product impress a customer, explain how they might find it useful as well as how their life will be changed by purchasing it. Let people try the new product and say what they think of it. Showing advantages using particular examples is much more effective than just speaking about them.

Many companies use focus groups when preparing for new product launches because people in focus groups are so diverse and use the same product in different ways. They can talk about the product more than company workers themselves or even find beneficial features and characteristics which were not considered advantageous by the manufacturer.


Defining the right audience for the product is essential to a successful marketing strategy presentation. This is one of the preparation steps needed to get a better understanding of how to promote the brand and what details should be paid attention to.

Making a product presentation without considering the target audience is a big mistake that many companies have made, but it can be avoided. Make sure to deliver the product's message with the prospective customers in mind. Thus, if delivering a presentation to supermarket owners to try and sell them a new loader, focus on the benefits it will bring to their business. Here, the design or even the inner workings of it will be less important.


Speaking about the product without taking the opportunity to become acquainted with it in detail isn't the best way to give a proper impression that will make people want to buy it. Many people are kinesthetic and visual learners who build an opinion through touch or visualization. But those who consume information through listening or reading product details are no less important.

One can talk about their product for an entire evening, but without letting people gain a personal experience with it, the ideal results won't be achieved. Look at it this way: would a couch be bought without sitting on it?


Consistency in product presentation is great. It helps people perceive information easier and gives the whole presentation a more polished feel. There are many presentations that can feel "all over the place" because they don't come out well enough.

Structuring information is vital for a few reasons:

  • It provides a better understanding of the topic.
  • It helps build an opinion on the topic.
  • It provides a better perception of the information.
  • It helps people recall the information easier.

Start with introductory information on the product, and build the presentation around its details:

  • Product overviews
  • Main features or upgrades
  • Benefits and advantages
  • Packaging
  • Pricing
  • Customer identities, or to whom the product will be useful
  • Distribution channels
  • Summarizing

Lora Burns, the event manager of Take My Class notes, "The best option would be to recite the benefits one more time at the end, so as to leave customers with that 'sweet aftertaste.' People always remember the end of the speech better than the rest of it. As such, you need to give them something that they will recall positively."


Knowing what information is more important to the target audience is the key to an excellent presentation. One might be talking about a new fitness tracker all evening long—speaking about its design and elegance, but the majority of the audience might be interested in its functionality more than its features.

Deliver a Clear and Relevant Message

When speaking about the advantages of the product, make sure to deliver the message correctly. It can be compared to a competitor's product by saying, "Our fitness trackers have double the battery life in comparison to our competitors." That can be a real advantageous fact, but it means nothing to the target audience as this information is irrelevant to their everyday life.

Instead, try discussing the dissatisfaction customers have had with competitor's battery life. However, saying, "You can use our fitness tracker up to five days without charging it" is much more impressive and informative, right?

A brilliant product launch can't exist without a powerful and convincing presentation. The more thought and effort put into the new product, the more effective a presentation can be created around its features.

Take big corporations like Apple, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and General Motors. They all create breathtaking product launch events because they believe in their product enough to be sure about it while also being able to adjust it depending on the customer's opinion. Take the best from all of them, and pay attention to the way they spotlight the product.

Regine Ward is a freelance blogger and a content creator for Take My Class service. She loves creating educational and inspiring tutorials and sharing tips and tricks on marketing and project management. She spends a lot of time on photography and meditations as well as on playing with her dogs.

Opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of WITI.

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