Gender Equality: Where Do Female Entrepreneurs Stand Today?

Joseph McLean

July 29, 2019

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"It doesn't matter if I wear skirts or not. If he can do it, then I can do it." This is becoming the most common sentence in this century and I'm having a feeling that professional essay writers will soon make books out of it. Gender equality and entrepreneur are two important words in the topic that I would love to explain very quickly.

Gender equality is a state of equal ease of access to resources and opportunities, irrespective of gender. It manifests when males and females can work towards the same goal and neither gender is criticized or condemned or seen as being too competitive for it. It is equality between male and female, such that everyone is free to make their decisions without prejudice.

An entrepreneur, on the other hand, is a person who manages and organizes an enterprise, irrespective of the risk involved. Entrepreneurship is one of the main drives of any nation's economy and it is only fair that both the male and the female have equal opportunities to make their contributions.

So, where do the female entrepreneurs stand today?

"It's a man's world." Have you ever wondered what this sentence means? It probably means that the world is male-dominated. But does it mean that men dominate every sector that there is in the world? These statements sound like very good debate topics and a good way to pick out the best essay writer in a class.

While some people believe that the saying "It's a man's world" is quickly fizzling out, we still have to ask ourselves if there can be an equal chance for the male and the female to stand in a world where this saying exists or once existed. This question might have been difficult to answer some three centuries ago. But now, the gender equality movement has simplified it.

Gender equality movement

The gender equality movement started in the late 19th century and it began with a plan to allow women to vote and be voted for. In some parts of the world, the roles, positions, values and views of the female gender are greatly discriminated against. In these places, people prefer having males in authority. So, most of the females were relegated to the background. According to a researcher who wrote Grademiners reviews, some people regard education for the girl child as a waste of time, and the importance of the female was only emphasized when it involved pleasing men, either with sex or food.

These actions, and some other harmful practices like the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), affected the participation of the female gender in economic growth until 1950, when the United Nations intervened. The UN heightened the clamor for gender equality and began to enlighten people on the importance and strength of female gender.

Women being business owners or entrepreneurs used to be a strange concept, but it isn't anymore. Women now understand the dynamics of climbing the career ladder and building businesses from scratch. I wouldn't say it was easy for the change to begin, because women had to fight through all sorts of cultural, religious, financial and social barriers to actually come forth and fulfill their dreams.

Females like Arianna Huffington, Beyoncé Knowles, Yang Lan, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling and Cher Wang have shown that any female can own a business. These women have withstood pressure from everywhere and are still standing at the top of their game.

How far have we come?

Now to the present. Statistics have shown that, since 2007, the number of female entrepreneurs in the US has increased by 30%. Suggestions from various studies show that female-owned businesses will likely grow at the same rate as male-owned businesses. Statistics also show that the number of businesses owned by women grew by 74% between 1997 and 2015. Further results show that black females are the fastest growing group of U.S. entrepreneurs.

Female entrepreneurs are leading the digital transformation and are more confident about their future revenue growth than the men. These researches show one thing: the future of the female entrepreneur is bright and the present is blooming. Definitely, one is bound to conclude that there are many factors that have favored female entrepreneurs and allowed them to thrive.

In the writing business, passion, persistence and empathy have helped the female entrepreneurs. Science has shown that females have more empathy than males. They understand how their audience feels and, because they are emotional beings, they are able to pass on the emotion to an audience. I wouldn't be surprised if writing services like the dissertation writing services are owned and controlled by women. This doesn't mean that men don't make better writers than women, but it means that a woman who is able to channel this inner strength to writing her books will definitely do better than her male counterparts. The great author J.K. Rowling is a practical example of this truth. Her Harry Potter series has, according to Forbes magazine, made her one of the 16 most influential women.

Female entrepreneurs understand where they are coming from. They have faced times of relegation in the past and so they are deliberate about continuity, not just about their own businesses but that of other female business owners. According to a recent survey, once a female business owner begins to gain financial stability, she tends to invest in companies that are also owned by women. Women do this to show support for other women and also as a kind of social responsibility. This ensures continuity and encouragement for other female entrepreneurs.

Tips to be successful as a female entrepreneur

Female entrepreneurs, the society and the government still have a lot of work to do in order to further improve the current situation. Here are some tips that can help female entrepreneurs:

Get mentors

Female business owners should have mentors or models who they can look up to when they feel discouraged or when they need inspiration. It is not difficult to find successful people or businesses because their work will always speak for them.

Don't let the society mislead you

Female entrepreneurs must shun the "have it all" mentality. The truth is that you may not be able to have it all, and I know this sounds contrary to what the society has painted. You're a female entrepreneur and not AssignmentMasters. Do your business and put in the best you can, not because the society demands it, but because that's the safest way to play the game. Also, you must close your ears to the voice of tradition or religion. They might not believe that you can, but you must believe that you can.

Don't be afraid to fail

As a female business owner, you must not be afraid to fail. Many women have failed in the past -- some of them even have a horrible beginning -- but failure is a sign of life and a sign of possibility.

Invest wisely

You need to invest wisely. As a female, it's more advisable to invest with companies that have a history of funding businesses owned by women. You also need to take opportunities very seriously. Though with the right conditions, a female entrepreneur is most likely going to succeed, you must also apply wisdom in every step you take and you should learn to consult experts when necessary.

Know the rules

All businesses have rules guiding them. Even a business as small as custom writing has basic rules. You should be fully aware of all regulations applicable to your business and you should watch out for any special waivers for female entrepreneurs.


As a female entrepreneur, you can stand on your feet if you want to. The economy may not be friendly and the society may not believe in you, but you can stand out if you so desire. If others could do it despite the challenges, you can do it, too.

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