Best Women's Networks to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Joseph McLean

November 23, 2019

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Achieving your goals and becoming a leader in your chosen profession or career might be somewhat difficult if you don't have the right support that the ability to network effectively can give you. This is because effective networking is one of the best ways to maintain full awareness of new and upcoming opportunities in your profession or outside it.

Women's networks and networking groups are one of the best networks that can help any woman achieve her goals. These groups consist of women like you who have big goals which they are trying to achieve, as well as women who are leading experts in their various industries who can serve as mentors to you.

Female-only networks are a great place for you to share your challenges and problems (gender-related or not), with other women who can understand what you're going through because they might have had similar experiences and problems in the past. You can also get advice to settle whatever challenges you may encounter and inspiration from women who have gone ahead of you.

For women in male-dominated industries or companies, women's networks can provide you with the support you need to forge ahead and achieve your goals even in a gender-imbalanced working environment. However, not just any women's network group can help you achieve your goals. You have to consider some things before you choose the women's network group that can help you achieve your goals.

Here are some tips for choosing the best women's networks to help you achieve your goals:

- Understand the goals of the women's networking group and make sure their vision and goals align with yours.
- Ensure that the network is being run professionally and is beneficial to you.
- Ensure that the women's network has regular gatherings and events which always aim to help women grow their personal networks and empower them. It's not worth it if a network group has numerous inspiring and big shot members who connect once or twice a year.
- Ensure that the women's network engages everyone in the group. You don't want to join a group where only a select few women are actively involved while the rest are hardly engaged.
- Ensure that the group has mentorship opportunities as well as qualified individuals who can serve as mentors.
- Join women's networks that embrace the use of technology and encourage their members to use technology to their advantage.
- Consider your purpose of joining that network and whether they can fulfill that purpose or not.

Best Women's Networks you can join to help you achieve your goals

1. LeanInCircles

A good women's network should be able to meet as many times as possible but a group with many accomplished business leaders and experts might have problems meeting regularly due to their contrasting busy schedules. LeanInCircles is a women's networking group that helps to solve this problem by allowing members to set up circles that can meet at any chosen time and place or even virtually (via live chats and group chats).

Circles can consist of a small group of people with similar careers or professions, goals and interests who can meet regularly, learn and share experiences and peer mentorship. There are over 44,000 circles consisting of individuals from 170 countries in the LeanInCircles women's network.

All you need to do is find an organized circle that has the same or correlating goals and objectives as yours or create a circle like that. LeanInCircles is a great way to grow your network and they also have resources like the Tilted podcast and the Women in the Workplace reports written by professionals like A-writer.

2. WeAreTheCity
Although WeAreTheCity is not a network with members from a specific industry or profession, it is still a great women’s networking group filled with numerous inspirational and talented women. It was started by Vanessa Vallely and Stewart Vallely in 2008 to create a network for talented and ambitious women and provide the career development resources, training and the support they may need to grow their network.

They have a network directory and business schools and they provide gender-related news for different industries and sectors. They also connect female job seekers with companies like assignment help services that are recruiting female employees to support a gender-balanced working environment. They also have the Rising Stars awards which identify numerous talented aspiring women in different industries and showcase their achievements to serve as an inspiration for their peers and upcoming talents.

WeAreTheCity also has the "Careers Club," which gives women access to numerous resources including network opportunities, skill-based events and online learning. This networking group aims at helping women to also build their careers and skills, even as they connect to and grow their networks.

3. Women WHO
Women WHO is another community for creative working women. They allow women to gather in order to share ideas and resources and connect with each other. This women's network was created by Otegha Uwagba and is dedicated to helping women make vital connections as well as share information and experiences. By joining their events, you stand the chance to gain a lot, including improving your skills like assignment writing and knowledge and growing your network.

4. Women Who Startup
As the name suggests, this is a global women's network for female entrepreneurs, founders and innovators who seek support and engagement from fellow entrepreneurs. Women Who Startup has monthly live chats and daily discussions that can help you with anything you may be having challenges with, such as funding your business.

Members can also get access to monthly videos, action lists, podcasts, articles written by aussie writer and other resources to help them achieve their dreams and develop themselves. This network also has Basecamp events usually held in Denver, Boulder, Phoenix and Colorado Springs that you can attend to meet other female entrepreneurs and share ideas, experiences and partnerships with.

5. The Women's Chapter
This is another women's networking group that was created to allow women in different careers and industries to come together and connect with other women with similar goals. Members can meet to share and find solutions to various challenges and get inspiration from one another. The Women's Chapter has over 2,500 members made up of female entrepreneurs, business leaders, senior professionals, philanthropists, innovators and pacesetters.

Not only does the Women's Chapter give women in different professions the tools, support and mentorship they need to achieve their goals, they also connect you to an engaged community of women with purchasing power who can buy your products and pay for your services. The Women's Chapter is also committed to giving back to numerous charities via the Women's Chapter Pledge.

6. Hub Dot
Hub Dot has a philosophy that attempts to bridge individuals with the same mindset together, regardless of their societal statuses, political division, nationality or level. Hub Dot allows individuals to break all possible barriers�"national, language and cultural barriers. With the power of the dots, they encourage values like sharing, involvement, authenticity, and letting go of societal labels, and allow their members to connect and grow their network.

Simona Barbieri is the founder of the Hub Dot women's network and she created the network to allow people to come together to share all the dimensions (professional or personal) of their lives and connect with like minds. Hub Dots is also a network that accommodates both male and female members.

7. Women in Business Network
WIBN is a membership organization that has an extensive network of local groups in the UK and Ireland where women can learn about new business opportunities through word of mouth. WIBN encourages members to grow their networks and share business advice, tips, articles written by the custom papers and useful information with one another and support their fellow women in business.

The LeanIn 2018 Women in the Workplace report stated that women network less than men. This is why many women usually fail to reach their goals to become leaders in their industries. However, if you can find the best women's networks to be a part of, you will surely achieve your goals. A good example of the smart and talented women networking is the WITI platform, where you can always find the help and support of other professionals and powerful partnerships.

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