5 Reasons for Young Aussie Women to Join the Tech Industry

Joseph McLean

December 24, 2019

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Gender diversity is at the top of the agenda for most industries, and in the past decade there has been a significant shift in the IT industry. In Australia, women are addressing the gender divide and entering a previously male-dominated industry in larger numbers.

Despite women being more qualified than men, leveling the playing field has been quite difficult. A few programs have been founded to address gender equality in the workplace and particularly in tech. The tech industry in many countries has demonstrated the potential to contribute meaningfully to the economy and empower young girls and women through training and education.

With increasing demand in the tech industry for diversity and inclusion, a young Australian looking to choose a career path should consider IT. Here are some reasons young women might consider joining the growing sector:

1. IT talent is in demand

The world is changing fast, and thankfully Australia is adapting at a rapid pace as the future of job creation is in STEM. This means that there is a shortage of highly skilled digital and IT professionals.

In Australia, the government has highlighted this need and the requirement to build a stronger workforce over the next few years. A career in STEM is not only lucrative but it also contributes to the economy, and the government has invested over $1 billion towards developing the industry.

The narrative of women in the tech industry has been steadily changing and women are actually being championed in most areas. However, according to research, only 17% of graduates in STEM are women.

This means that women have become like unicorns in tech. Once they qualify, it is relatively easy to find employment due to the simple demand for women in STEM. Certain companies have also decided to create initiatives targeting women and ensure that gender diversity is achieved in the tech industry.

At the top of the agenda is having more women in senior positions and ensuring that there is a balance in salary and expectations with their male counterparts.

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2. A woman's place is in the IT department

IT departments have changed since the days when they consisted of a couple of boys sitting in a basement doing the job with women secretaries and typists assisting them. In fact, with the rise in STEM qualifications, there has been an opportunity for women to transform the face of the IT department.

In bridging the gender divide, it has been acknowledged that women are becoming more qualified in the field and thus deserve a seat at the proverbial table. This dispels the misconception that women belong in other positions. The presence of women in IT has been seen to create a more solution-oriented environment.

Women are also found to be more empathetic and patient than men, meaning that they can more easily find solutions for problems. Recent studies have shown that women can run highly successful companies because of their nurturing traits.

3. Just join the revolution, already!

In male-dominated industries, the demand for women is not new and the call is increasing in Australia. Once you can show off your talents and prove your capacity much like your male counterparts, the IT world is pretty much your oyster.

Technology is affecting all industries and digital transformation is taking place in healthcare, education, manufacturing and more. This means that the transformation creates more job opportunities for women to join the tech industry at various levels.

In IT, women and confidence go hand in hand because they can offer innovative advice that may lead to new technologies being developed. The presence of women in the tech industry can take place at various levels and is an exciting development. Diversity and inclusion are necessary in the workplace and it looks good for business.

Many companies are looking to diversify their employees to ensure that they meet equity standards.

It has been proven that a highly diverse company has the potential to perform better than most, meaning that participation should not be superficial. Women need to play an active role in tech and not just fill a quota. Diversity is becoming central to the fabric of Australian companies and serves as an amazing way to empower women to join the industry.

4. Become a pioneer of change and transformation

We are all proud of something, and perhaps you are the first woman to join a department or a company. This may be hard to believe, but many tech companies in Australia continue to be dominated by men who may be sexist and not accommodating.

Breaking into the IT industry can be challenging, and in some settings, women may have to work harder than men to prove themselves and their worth. This can be discouraging but women are resilient and those who persevere set an example for other women who aspire to join the industry. They provide inspiration for women who have hesitated to join this male-dominated industry.

The tech industry itself has its biases when it comes to women and these have been dispelled but Australian women continue to feel the pressure. Women have been part of the industry for many generations but have not gained the same recognition.

With the times changing fast, the workplace has become more accountable to the experience of women and how to best leverage their skills.

Not only are gender norms off-putting for women but they create a hostile environment that is not ideal to work in at times. Thus, there has been a need for sensitizing men to the challenges women face in and out of the industry.

5. Redefine the future for young girls

In a recent study, it was found that the tech industry will innovate new types of jobs and there is plenty of room for women. The inclusion of women means that working conditions have also changed considerably and there are more Australian women in senior tech positions.

The presence of women in senior positions is important because it has redefined how women work to achieve balance. Certain industry norms have shifted to meet women's needs. For example, working hours have become more flexible to accommodate working mothers.

Women are allowed to be who they are without compromise or don't have to avoid men in certain corners of the office. A level playing field becomes more achievable once women are visible and able to make decisions.

Gender equality in tech is not a new issue and some companies have taken to addressing it in various ways. They are focusing on a culture of inclusion and starting to see beyond gender.

Women in the tech industry deserve an equal footing and not to be treated as weird unicorns. Thus, young girls can have women to look up to and feel encouraged.

The bottom line

Aussie women in the industry are redefining norms and setting new standards for the industry. By challenging certain stereotypes, the industry is becoming a leader in transforming women's career trajectories. Tech companies need to make a concerted effort to ensure that women succeed and that young women aspire to join this innovative field.

Companies should implement policies that ensure that women are confident in their abilities and able to thrive within a supportive work environment. Companies can employ various strategies and consult with people in gender equality forums to develop policies invested in the progress of women.

Furthermore, a measurable impact can be made in the lives of women who are in IT. Companies can seek support and funding that supports initiatives and hiring specifically directed at women. With sufficient support, Aussie women are finding their feet in the industry and enjoying the benefits of working in highly creative and innovative environments.

Opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of WITI.

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