How to Organize Your Quarantined Workflow?

Haley Osborne

May 03, 2020

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Despite home lockdown, life goes on. It is still necessary to implement projects, write reports, and make calculations. Many businesses switched to the remote mode of operation amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Now everyone can feel like a freelancer who doesn't have to be pushed out of the warm bed in the morning. But alongside the benefits, many are puzzled about how to stay productive in this freedom? How to properly organize your workflow without wasting time, enthusiasm, and money? To make the most in the current situation, we have prepared for you a selection of tools for remote teamwork.

Stay up to date with all events using corporate messengers like Slack or Microsoft Teams. It's the perfect (and free of charge to some extent) way to interact with your team, create thematic channels, and get involved. Consistent and confident communication will minimize the chaos in your working routine. When customers still need to talk on the phone, you may use decent IP telephony tools like Twinkle and Zoiper. You can also use the Kayako web service for customer support and quick response to email requests. And leave Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and Viber for privacy.

Manage Your Projects
Task management services allow you to break down projects into task categories, track them both individually and in common dynamics. You can create plain to-do lists and complex personalized schedules. These apps allow each team member to follow their own deadlines and adjust to the overall changes to the project.
Asana remains one of the most popular tools for organizing and sharing tasks. If you need some brainstorming, use the services Mindmeister and to render smart cards and circuits. Those who need to evaluate the completed task and provide appropriate feedback will like Taskworld. Sometimes you may need TeamViewer for remote desktop access to explain some processes more clearly.

Meet Online
The inability to meet and discuss issues with clients in person can seriously affect the workflow. Many outsourcing teams like research paper writing service use traditional tools like Skype, Google Hangouts, and For example, using GoToMeeting, you can annotate images and record a conversation. WebEx is great for large-scale online events. Zoom retains its leadership among video conferencing services. You can chat with up to 50 people at the same time, record audio for 40 minutes. For large-scale meetings (500-100 people and more), you can use the platforms MyOwnConference,, ClickMeeting, GoToWebinar, Microsoft Teams.

Keep Files in Order
Google Drive is beyond competition here. Cloud storage has long ago become the right solution for all types of documents. Moreover, it is courtesy of the 21st century to send your collaboration documents in a format of Google Doc or Google spreadsheet, not a Word file.

Evernote is a convenient tool for storing basic information for teams. The thematic notepads can describe internal processes, prepare instructions, and tutorials with useful links for each employee.

The teams working on designs will find Figma an excellent tool for online collaborative editing of the same file.

Working remotely, you can easily customize your schedule. The main aim is to create the most comfortable conditions for quick and efficient completion of the tasks. The main danger is uncontrollable relaxation, which you need to overcome. Just remember that working from home is the same full-fledged work as any other, and the end result depends on your efficiency.

Moreover, quarantine is an opportunity to boost your personal productivity. You may finally challenge something that you always lacked time for: start a new online course, view a webinar, sort out your backlogs. Use this time as effectively as possible for yourself and your team. And don't forget about the main precautions - wash your hands and avoid overcrowded places.

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