A Time For Us

Yasmina Almaria

October 25, 2020

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Woman and leadership. Words that have too rarely been seen together, but as the generations have passed women have proven to be genius scientists, great athletes and fearless leaders.

And now here comes my generation -- Generation Z. We've made movements and we're aware. We've been told we could be anything we want. That motivates us. We wonder whether to be an astronaut or a soldier. We have the will to do what we love.

We also are aware of what's happening around us. Generation Z has seen it all -- wars, global pandemics, global warming, technology's negative side -- and we grew up feeling unsafe in our own streets. That changed us. It made us capable of being the best leaders there ever were.

Because we have knowledge at the tip of our fingertips using the internet, we can learn anything, and that's the source of our creativity. When you have will and knowledge you have the future.

Teenage girls all around the world spoke up and led movements because we can't be held back from our dreams. We fight for them and it makes us brave.

Bravery, wisdom and will make us worthy of becoming leaders and claiming our place in society.

And the best part is that women can be all that and still be loving mothers giving the world to their children.

I've seen my mom fight her own demons and still be strong for us. She made us feel safe when she wasn't, loved when she was alone, and happy when she was at her worst.

When we talk about women who inspired us all I see is my mother. A single mother who gave all her time, money and effort to her two children, expecting nothing in return. Even when she had nothing else to give she was still there and her presence was enough. Giving hope to someone when you don't have it yourself is more than a hero could ever give.

She inspires me to lead and make the world a better place for pure souls like her.

Editor's Note: Yasmina Almaria is a WITI Egypt Ambassador for female students. She is the youngest WITI Leader. She is a high school student.

Opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of WITI.

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