Use Your Time More Wisely With These Tools

Andy Latkovskis

March 28, 2021

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It can be overwhelming for you when you are struggling to complete multiple tasks. The good thing is that there are tools and software that you can use to streamline processes, save time, and stay focused on your work. Here are the top four tools that can help you use time wisely:

1. Project management tools

There are times when you may be overburdened by a lot of deadlines, emails, meetings, or tasks to such an extent that you fail to manage or track the progress of your projects. It is recommended that you create a capital formation strategy, where you can make a plan on how to deal with your finances. For other tasks you should make use of:

ProofHub: This is a centralized workspace for Gantt charts, calendars, documents, workflows, and discussions. The tool helps you keep track of your team's tasks, organize, or plan activities that you wish to undertake.

Trello: This task management software can help your team collaborate efficiently through sharing of cards and leaving comments on documents for others to see.

Zoho projects: The tool is great for running intuitive reports and is ideal for promoting communications among your employees. The networking and communication market is really important in your work, therefore it is worthwhile to invest in it.

Note: Before you decide what project management tool to work with, you need to ensure that it has task management features, fosters collaboration, has a time tracker, and offers room for integration of various components of your work.

2. Time management tools

Sometimes tasks can be overwhelming such that you cannot account for what you did in a day. In such times, you need a time management tool that can help you stay on track, avoid procrastination, and work efficiently. One such tool is Toggl. You can have it installed on your mobile and desktop to record how much time you spend on certain tasks. When you start the timer on your computer, there is going to be a Toggl tab that keeps an eye on the tasks that you are working on. Such time management software holds you accountable for what you intend to accomplish at a particular time and lets you discover the areas of your work that need more time to be completed. Tools that help you share large files with coworkers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft One Drive are also a must-have. Depending on the software that you use, you first need to learn how to send large files to utilize them efficiently. Other time management tools that you can leverage include Timecamp and Scoro among many others.

3. Social media management tools

You are likely to struggle with time constraints when you are managing multiple brands' presence on social media. This is because the use of social media requires a lot of back and forth content creation on your desktop and mobile. Searching for correct emoji, captions for images, duplicating files, and copy and pasting are some of the basic social media tasks but are time-consuming. To ensure that you use your time as a pro, you should leverage tools such as Hopper HQ, which allows you to manage multiple accounts that you have on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Such software will enable you to schedule social media posts ahead of time so that you never have to rush at the last minute.

4. Email management

In the post-pandemic world, technology is the new normal because now most of the real-life meetings have moved to emails. When you are inundated with emails, you might fail to respond or see the urgent ones. Important discussions can also get lost in long threads of emails. When that happens, you may find yourself wasting hours trying to track down an important report or respond to a critical email way past the courtesy window. You can use software such as Superhuman to sort out your email chaos. This application has rebuilt the way emails and inboxes look and feel to enhance efficiency and save time. So, instead of having cumbersome emails flooding your inbox, Superhuman controls the speed with which they land tthere. Apart from automation, this app also comes with keyboard shortcuts to help you respond promptly.

Time is the most precious resource we have, so each minute has to count for something productive done. So, you need to rework your routine to incorporate some of these time-saving tools. You can start by using them on tasks that you feel take too much of your time to see how it goes. An investment in any of these tools will translate to increased efficiency in the long-run.

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