Three Ways Women Can Support Other Women

Kk Eliza Cranston

April 11, 2021

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In a world filled with so much hostility, division, and judgment, it is vital that people find ways to unite and build one another up. One of my favorite things to see is women supporting other women. It's truly empowering and beautiful to observe women building other women up! But what are some practical and meaningful ways for women to support other women? Here are three suggestions:

1) Praise One Another on Social Media
It's no secret that social media has unfortunately become a place of persistent cyberbullying, especially with body and slut-shaming. However, women can help cease this terrible hostility! Whenever you have the opportunity, take a few moments to sing genuine praises to other women on social media. Whether it's a relative, friend, coworker or celebrity, share words of encouragement with another woman on any of their social media platforms. In doing so, social media can become a safer and more accepting place for all women.

2) Shop at Companies Owned by Women
During our time in quarantine, we all have probably done extensive online shopping. Why not take the time to do some research on brands owned and/or primarily operated by women? We got to show some love to our female CEOs! A great resource to find companies owned by women is the National Business Association of Women Business Owners or NAWBO. In addition to providing lists of women-owned businesses, NAWBO's website also provides excellent educational resources, advocacy efforts, and volunteer options related to women and the business world.

3) Donate Toward Charities that support Women
Giving time, money, and energy toward important causes is certainly a rewarding experience. Therefore, look into supporting charities specifically designed to build up women. There are various women's rights causes that you can support. For instance, you can give toward efforts that promote girls' educational rights, period poverty awareness, women's mental health research, etc. One of the best aspects about supporting a charity is you can donate money toward that cause if you don't have a lot of free time. However, if you are a little low on cash but do have some free time, then you can certainly donate a couple of hours toward a cause! Either way, give some love!

As we continue to grow in 2021, let's find ways to spread love, compassion, and support toward other women. It will certainly make our world a more unified and beautiful place to live.

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