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Recap WITI Orange County - March 19
By Chrissy See

At our March 19th OC WITI event, our guest speakers presented different points of view on how the IT/Business Relationship is perceived by the Business, IT, and/or vendor side.   Read More

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Gender bias or intimidation? Why sex discrimination isn't business's biggest problem
By Linda Bernardi

When I entered the Austin airport on the heels of the SXSW conference last week, a group of female colleagues approached me, excited to tell me what had happened the day before.   Read More

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The Internet, Then And Now
By Mathieu Yuill

The Internet has come a long way since it became a part of our day-to-day lives. Gone are the days of the Information Superhighway and - uh-oh - ICQ.   Read More

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Work Made For Hire Clauses in Contractor Agreements - Are You Really Getting What You Bargained For?
By Erica Bristol, Esq.

Copyrights are legal rights in original creative works, such as software, graphics, audio and video recordings, visual presentations and technical manuals.   Read More

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Recap WITI Boston - March 4, 2015
By Emily Ubik

Leveraging Your Network to Build Your Personal and Company Brand - On the evening of March 4th four women sat at the front of a room at Morgan, Brown & Joy, ready to share their experiences and extensive expertise.   Read More

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Mentors, Sponsors and Advisory Boards for Purposeful Women
By JJ DiGeronimo

Mentorship and Sponsorship are extremely important and I would go even a step beyond to an advisory board which is a group of both.   Read More