Edge Computing: Why this Technology is Winning

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July 16, 2021

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Working from home has changed so much, and while the changes have not always been desirable, several technological advances have been made. The need to access information in multiple places at once is an imperative component of productive company workflow. So while it had been common practice for information to be stored at one central hub, our present-day work environment requires information access from multiple hubs to ensure a productive workflow cross company. So how do we and how can we ensure company information (collected statistical data) will remain safe, untampered with, and accurate when arriving at more than one endpoint? Well, thankfully there's edge computing.

What is edge computing?

Edge computing means data collection occurs at the periphery of a device. Most networks are great distances away from individual devices, requiring a great deal of latency, bandwidth, and congestion; however, edge computing allows data collection from the periphery. So while it is not extremely close to the centralized information hub, collection from the "edge" helps minimize device lag while also possessing increased storage uptake.

This computing style promotes a more efficient, flexible work environment, which is top priority in the virtual world we still find ourselves navigating. This past year immense data flow has been needed to sustain work operations and the longevity of companies which, for so long, had information stored at one central hub, the office. Edge computing allows for the decentralization of information to specific devices. This increases employee work productivity, minimizes global internet strain, and saves companies a great deal of money.

The superior of the two- Edge or Cloud computing?

Edge computing was birthed from cloud computing and the development of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. While both computing types enabled data storage over the internet and access to stored information from devices with internet connection, cloud computing provided the foundation. When determining which of the two to do away with, it has become evident that neither are replaceable because both are beneficial in their own way.

Edge computing is able to process time sensitive data due to higher latency. Edge computing outperforms cloud in remote locations where connection is limited, and has greater efficiency bringing information right to the individual. Edge computing is functional with local storage. However, the areas in which edge computing lacks cloud computing is ideal. Cloud has higher security with more established protective mechanisms due to its centralized aspect. Cloud is also able to perform large scale data analysis.

In short, for companies to effectively drive innovation and service customers, both edge and cloud computing are necessary.

Data collection is kind of everything.

Because data provides valuable business insight regarding specific business processes and operations to elicit necessary change, it is the lifeblood of modern business. Data ensures optimal customer satisfaction and aids in the development of optimal company practices that can best serve their main demographic. The reality - 54% of people are interested in edge computing but just need to hear more about its benefits.

Companies like Aarna Networks, Ananda Networks, Cato Networks, EdgeQ, EdgePresence, Edgeworx, Infiot, Nebulon, Wasabi Technologies, Zededa are paving the way, marketing themselves as edge networking managers. This technological type has proven to be effective and is now utilized by a multitude of industries. Edge computing is no longer a technology of the future, it's best we use it now.

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