Consumer Electronics: An Addiction or Necessity?

Ruhi Parikh

July 31, 2021

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In this day and age, people ranging from all generations have somehow been sucked into the black hole of consumer electronics. Basically, everyone depends on either their phones, smartwatches, or laptops, and just the mere thought of having zero technology in this world is enough to send everyone into a frenzy. Obviously, this means that the companies that produce these products are richly rewarded for them.

Although, a major setback starts to form in society when people start to realize that the huge dependency on these devices could possibly create complications in one's mental health. This widely known pandemic has possessed every possible human being out there, and many are worried about others and their attachment to these consumer electronics.

Statistical data conveys that more than half of the citizens in the U.S. and Canada are highly concerned that the overuse of electronic devices may form damaging health issues, such as digital eye strain (DES), the disruption of healthy sleep patterns, greater chances of anxiety and depression, and a possible addiction that may result in greater measures. The lack of physical and mental exercise has also been established due to the unhealthy reliance on technology, subsequently leading to obesity, an unhealthy diet, not being able to communicate properly in real life, and difficulties associated with concentrating in school or at work.

Those that work in the IT or technology field often execute tasks that are heavily reliant on the superfluous usage of electronic devices. While the demand for tech savvy people in IT rises through the roof, the negative aspects that string along with them can result in permanent issues. Staring for too long at the computer can result in eye strain, which can further result in the need for glasses and can even form further health concerns. Looking down at one's phone can result in neck and posture concerns, and surgery may have to be considered if the matter gets worse. All in all, everyone must be aware of certain consequences certain electronic devices may bring with them, before it can form to much more aggrandized matters.

Not only are adults affected by the captivity of the electronics, but teenagers are often known as the ones that easily fall under the bait. The younger generation is so consumed in their electronics to the point where it formulates rising concerns for their health, such as if one teenager heavily texted their friends everyday, that can result in them not paying attention to school as much. Their grades will be impacted, and their health will be impacted as well. Many urge kids to stray away from their devices, take a walk outside, or simply spend time with family. Any sort of action must be implemented in order to ensure the utmost safety and healthy lifestyle for children and the younger generation.

Due to these rising concerns, many have started certain programs to make sure that people from a young age learn to establish a healthy balance between their devices and real life by initiating daily walks in the neighborhood, meditating in the morning, playing board games with friends or family, or simply drawing a self-portrait. Many doctors and specialists urge this behavior because the unhealthy association with electronic devices must be ceased before it is too late.

While it is very difficult to stray away from certain devices and ‘deal with' real life, it is also very essential that it actually occurs because it correlates with one's life, and life should always be treated with delicacy. No consumer electronics should tear that away from others, and people all over the world need to set forth and initiate a healthy lifestyle before these man-made objects take over people's lives. So, make sure that today you take a break from your device, go on a walk if the weather is nice-- and if it is not nice, then you can cuddle up in bed with a good book or work on that dish you have been wanting to make. Work and technology is always important, but it never is as crucial as your health and safety.

Bio: Ruhi Parikh is a junior in high school that is an author on a widely-known website known as Wattpad. She has accrued more than thousands of views on each of her books and plans to publish them in the near future. Furthermore, Ruhi holds interests in technology and hopes to hold a career in STEM, fully supporting the accentuation of more women holding a role in technology.

Opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of WITI.

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