Digitize the Holidays - Save a Tree

Mike Browne

November 28, 2021

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My mother was a corporate executive for many years and a Christmas fanatic, she would juggle the holiday season and the craziness at the office like a pro. As tradition would have it, mid October we would make a list of family members and friends we wanted to recognize over the holidays.

She would then pack up the kids and take us to the store to buy a box of cards, gifts, get stamps, etc. Several hours (and days) were spent addressing envelopes, signing all cards writing notes and wrapping presents. My mom had holiday discipline.

As an illustrator and animator, seeing the evolution of digital communication from email to tools like Snapchat,Twitter, Whatsapp and now TikTok, I felt there had to be a better way to send my love during the holidays while being more eco friendly. According to the American Greeting Card Association, the average American household mails (8) cards per year. With over 1.6 BILLION cards sent out each holiday season in the US alone, I knew I needed to do something.

That's why I created Elf Shooz.

I am old enough to remember the "Christmas" rush. Pre-Amazon you had to shop in person at a place called a store. They were located in places called malls - remember malls? There are still a few around.

Check out my latest creation Elf Shooz. Our team can make a creative video that can be shared easily on multiple platforms. It will be vertical for phone viewing and have subtitles to make sure your message is received. We'll have some WITI versions coming soon too. Please check it out. We'd love your feedback.

Click here to

Share them on: TikTok • Facebook • Linkedin • Snapchat • Instagram • Pinterest • Youtube

To make it easy, Elf Shooz are available on Fiverr starting at $25.

Get yours at: http://elfshooz.com

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