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How (and why) To Address Systemic Racism Through Community Engagements
By Damon Carter

The decision to take a stand against systemic racism by actively supporting social justice reform can be a difficult and pivotal choice for any organization.   Read More

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Masculine Culture: It's Affects On 21st Century Education
By Amanda Dudley

If you ask a woman what it feels like to be successful in a world dominated by men, you would most likely get an entire book of negative things.   Read More

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The Virus Masks Can't Protect: Cyber Pandemic
By Brianna Nguyen

Any event as massive as the coronavirus is sure to bring about some sweeping changes. As people adapt to new circumstances, it has cast a new light on some aspects of life and business.   Read More

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What WITI Means To Me
By Taliyaah Maryam

WITI is a beautiful women's empowerment website. WITI is also known for doing webinars, which allows them to spread information helping women to be independent in the world of technology.   Read More

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COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Women in Technology
By WITI News Staff

A United Nations article points out that women are indeed impacted more in times of crises than men.   Read More

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Women Who Hold a Patent
By Fizza Zehra

Women inventors account for just under 13% of patent applications globally, according to a study by the UK's intellectual property office.   Read More