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Three Common Playground Behaviors To Increase Professional Resilience
By Courtney Clark

When it comes to finding resilience in our professional lives, it turns out that some youthful behaviors could actually be the key.   Read More

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Recap WITI Boston - April 8, 2014
By Emily Ubik

In April, WITI members and non-members gathered at Foley Hoag LLC in downtown Boston to take the Passion Test. Led by Donna Ceriani, Executive Coach and Consultant at The Real Journey LLC, this event focused on how to identify and work towards your top five passions.   Read More

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Follow The Person, Not The Position
By Andrew Sobel

A client of mine was promoted to a very senior position in a large, Fortune-100 company. She had been the deputy in her area, and was now at the top. She told me that the day her promotion was announced in the newspapers, she got dozens of calls from suppliers wanting to do business with her.   Read More

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Women in Business: Q&A with Deborah DiSanzo, CEO of Philips Healthcare

DiSanzo was appointed to her current position in May 2012, and has since led the Philips' Healthcare sector with invaluable leadership, business acumen and industry expertise.   Read More

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Work Made For Hire Clauses: Independent Contractor or Statutory Employee Under California Law?
By Erica Bristol, Esq.

Technology companies, startups and sole proprietors often include a "work made for hire" clause in agreements with independent contractors, such as programmers and graphic artists, to ensure that any copyrightable aspects of work created by the independent contractor are owned by the company/sole proprietor who contracted the work.   Read More

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Recap WITI Orange County - March 20, 2014
By Colleen Kirtland

WITI Orange County's March event was well attended as the group explored trends in SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud). Four panelists kicked off with 7 minutes of personal tech passion.   Read More