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Food Fast, Not Fast Food: Eating Healthfully When you are Crazy Busy
By AK Rockley

The last five weeks have been insane for me, working 80+ hours and 7 days a week. It is times like this that good intentions for eating healthfully go out the window. It seems much easier to order fast food. Easier maybe in the short run, but in the long run you will end up with an energy deficit and ill health. Fast food is full of calories, fat, salt, processed carbohydrates, and lots of additives. There are ways to make healthy delicious food fast, often faster than ordering in.   Read More

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So What's Your Story?
By Jennifer Hay

Some people are natural storytellers. They describe events and circumstances in a way that captures attention, compels interest, and engages listeners. Storytellers are a direct contrast with those who use language solely for targeted and factual communications. In interviews and professional networking the storyteller has a distinct advantage " the ability to engage and interest people who can open doors and present opportunities.   Read More

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The Two Sides of "Why?"
By Jane Herman

The question, "Why?" can be your best friend or your worst enemy. You can use it to beat yourself up or to make yourself and your life immeasurably better. A simple, "Why?" can engender confusion and despair or it can spark enlightenment and personal transformation. The key is knowing in what context to ask it and when.   Read More

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In Memoriam: Dorothy Height, March 24, 1912 " April 20, 2010
By Carolyn Leighton

Please take a moment to join me in remembering a great woman who died yesterday, at the age of 98, Dr. Dorothy Height - a passionate advocate for civil rights and women who stands as a role model and source of inspiration for everyone who believes that we are here to make a positive difference in the world.   Read More

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Passing the Technical Torch: Making Earth Day Relevant to Your Company
By Sharon Nunes

In just a few days, the 40th annual Earth Day will be celebrated in schools around the country with students of all ages learning about the environment and what they can do to sustain our planet. Whether classrooms will choose to clean up their school communities, start a recycling program or share tips to conserve the earth's natural resources, improving the environment will be the primary focus.   Read More

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Get a Money Buddy!
By Judi Martindale

It's often easier and much more fund to do things with a friend, especially if we need support in any given area. Weight Watcher's success, for example, is due in large part to the camaraderie and support of the weekly group meetings. Exercise experts have long encouraged us to find walking buddies to make sure we exercise when we're not in the mood. The same could be true for money management.   Read More