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Why Some Affirmations Work, While Others Don't
By Liping Feng

Your New Year Resolution can benefit from an affirmation. The right word flashing in your mind at the right time can send a signal to your entire body-mind and create the shift you desire. Affirmation can be very effective any time of year, whenever you have made a key decision in your life. However, if you don't know how to use it, affirmation is just like most New Year resolutions, done and forgotten within two weeks. When that happens, it is more than a waste of time: it saps your confidence in your own mental power.   Read More

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Exploring Your Life Mission, Part II - What To Do When You Feel Stuck
By Kathy Hill

In the October 13th edition of WITI's Strategist, I wrote an article titled "Exploring your Life Mission" I asked the question: "Do you know what your life purpose is?" A number of you emailed me that this question struck a chord with you. Many of you don't know what your life purpose is and some shared that you feel stuck in a life and/or a career that doesn't have a lot of meaning and is draining you. This article is designed to address what to do when you feel "stuck."   Read More

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In Memoriam - Elizabeth Edwards 1949-2010
By Carolyn Leighton

Whether liberal or conservative, as a woman, it would be challenging not to be deeply touched by the life and the passing of Elizabeth Edwards. As you may know, Elizabeth Edwards died yesterday, December 7th, at the age of 61 - much too young for someone who had so much to give the world!   Read More

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Why It's Important to Examine Your Fears
By Jane Herman

Any time you know what you want to accomplish, and even know the steps you want to take to reach your goal(s), but just can't seem to make any progress it is highly likely that FEAR is a major factor keeping you stuck. And as counter-intuitive as it may seem one of the best ways to abolish your fear in any situation is not to ignore it, or deny it, or to try to "push on through it," but rather to examine it more closely.   Read More

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Technical Careers: It's Not Just a Paycheck
By Jennifer Hay

Even in the toughest of job markets, it's important to keep your values in sight. Certainly money matters but we all want to work for more than just a paycheck. We need to be able to articulate what matters to us and what gives us satisfaction, whether it's in solving complex problems, providing excellent customer service, being part of a team that does great things, or anything else that motivates you to excel in your profession. Whether you are unemployed and seeking a job or feeling trapped in an unrewarding job, some introspection will help guide your career in the right direction.   Read More

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Tech Hiring Creeps Back to Health
By Lisa Vaas

The hiring climate in IT is gaining momentum, tech staffing agencies report, but its recovery pace is akin to that of a snail going about its business after recovering from a coma.   Read More