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Surviving IT Cutbacks with On-Demand Resources
By Jill Hartley

In today's challenging economic climate, I am of the opinion that we're hearing too much about the pain IT Managers face and not enough about solutions. With the spotlight on high unemployment, lack of infrastructure investment and employee training reductions, many assume that it's okay to simply maintain status quo to ride out the tough times.   Read More

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Roth Conversions
By Judi Martindale

Most of us have come to realize that we need to invest for our retirement. The days of company-paid pensions are long are gone for the most part. Knowing that, the government has introduced some new incentives to make saving for retirement more attractive. Consequently, there has been a great deal of buzz in the news lately about Roth conversions and with good reason.   Read More

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Selling a Business and Designing a New Life: 10 Questions to Your Best Future
By Marian Cook

This is the second in a series articles dedicated to the successful woman entrepreneur who, through her hard work and sharp wits, has successfully grown her enterprise to the point that it is salable. Selling a business, just like starting one, does require a thoughtful plan.   Read More

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How to Tap into the Wisdom of Your Mind and Your Body
By Jane Herman

Our bodies and our minds can serve in glorious partnership to increase our awareness of our environment and situation, to sharpen our decision making, and focus our actions. Unfortunately, sometimes we ignore one of these essential partners or fail to understand their individual strengths and weaknesses, and we do so at our peril. To be able to effectively make use of the contributions of both your body and mind to guide your decision making and actions it is important to understand some basics about the strengths and weaknesses of each.   Read More

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My 10 Social Media Resolutions for 2010
By Sandy Carter

So here I am, watching the beautiful snow fall and closing out 2009. Of course, I always do my New Year's resolutions. As a family, we share ours and, of course, support each other in achieving the goals. So for 2010, with all of you as my Social media family, I invite you to join me sitting at the fireplace for my Social media resolutions for this New Year.   Read More

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Focus Breakers: Managing Interruptions & Distractions
By Kathleen Barton

In order to be most productive, you need to focus on your most important priorities. However, even when you've planned your day and prioritized your tasks, unexpected things come up. The boss gives you an important assignment, a co-worker asks for your help, or a customer calls for information. How do you handle these interruptions? First, assess the importance of the interruption. If it is both important and urgent, then address it immediately. Other times you may get interruptions that are untimely or even unnecessary - people stopping by your desk to chat or vendors calling to sell their services. These interruptions are what I call focus-breakers.   Read More