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Creativity and Recovery - How Art Helped Me Survive The Pandemic
By Jiya George

Having been exempt from studying language due to my disability, I had to take up another subject in place of language for my 10th boards.   Read More

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Talking Technology and Women's bodies with Tiffany Trenda
By Aarushi Sharma

Sitting down with WITI, performance artist Tiffany Trenda shares her take on the increasingly convoluted and constantly changing relationship between technology and women's bodies through her technology-integrated performances.   Read More

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Medical Specialties
By Shreya Rupesh

Advancements like artificial intelligence and medical sensors are growing popular due to their accuracy and precision.   Read More

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Consumer Electronics: An Addiction or Necessity?
By Ruhi Parikh

In this day and age, people ranging from all generations have somehow been sucked into the black hole of consumer electronics.   Read More

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Seven Books for Disability Pride Month
By Kailey Blount

Although creating inclusive environments is a year round job, July is a time where our able-bodied society puts disability at the forefront of cultural conversation.   Read More

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CRISPR-Cas9 and the Medical Field
By Taliyah Jarrett

CRISPR-Cas9 can be used for a multitude of medical procedures. For example, scientists can strengthen the immune system of a chemotherapy patient, allowing the immune system to not deteriorate.   Read More