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The Perfect Pandemic Pivot
By Kim Linton

Progress over perfection: a skill we can build any time but is especially useful during the pandemic.   Read More

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Embrace These 4 Technologies to Excel in Your Industry
By Anna Johansson

The technology revolution seems to be accelerating at a rapid pace. Ten years ago, autonomous vehicles were just an experiment.   Read More

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How to be an Ally to Transgender People: A Crash Course in Gender Etiquette
By Collin Stettler

As hate crimes against LGBT+ citizens have begun to increase over the past few years, it becomes ever so crucial that we act as allies and advocate for our transgender citizens.   Read More

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Examining the Gender Pay Gap in Elite Sports - Updated 2020
By Fiona Waters

Today, the gender pay gap in sports is still extremely pronounced. Many leagues have acknowledged the disparity, but the issue still persists.   Read More

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8 Lessons COVID-19 Taught Me
By Progress Ime

Personal Growth in the Midst of a Pandemic The coronavirus pandemic swept the planet and effectively stopped the way in which the world has operated for so long.   Read More

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Gendered Languages: Another Obstacle For Women In The Workplace
By Kiani Laigo

People who identify as women face many more challenges in the workplace than those who identify as men. The majority of workplaces are not designed for women to succeed or rise to positions of power.   Read More