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Mental Health And Work: How and Why To Change
By Amy Cowpe

2020 has been a tough year for mental health, whether it relates to work or not. New research shows thousands of employees feel work negatively impacts their lives, which shouldn't be the case.   Read More

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Technology for Education: This Year Proves We're Ready
By Fiona Waters

Before remote learning, technology was used to make educational institutions more inclusive.   Read More

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Digital Marketing: TikTok
By Emily D'Agostino

TikTok, which has grown exponentially since its inception in 2016, is a 2-feed video platform   Read More

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A Reflection on WITI's 2020 Virtual Summit
By Casey Mazzotti

2020 has been a roller coaster of a year for most, and while the world has seemingly moved to a virtual platform for the time being, that did not deter Women in Technology International (WITI) from putting on a virtual summit filled with professional women supporting professional women.   Read More

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Opening Remarks From The 2020 Digital Inclusivity Summit
By Carolyn Leighton

"WITI's Digital Inclusivity Summit: Reinventing our Future!" What does this mean?!? While it is a collection of words we use everyday....what is the objective of this Summit?   Read More

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A Worthy Competitor: How Renewables Compare to the Oil and Gas Industry
By Fiona Waters

Before I knew what I know now about renewable sources of energy, I wondered why they weren’t everywhere already. Don’t solar panels eventually pay for themselves?   Read More