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Creating a Healthy Work Environment for People with ASD
By Kailey Blount

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a neurological difference in how one's brain is wired.   Read More

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Success with Immigrant's Tenacity: Hang Black
By WITI News Staff

Like many immigrants, Hang Black has fire in the belly.   Read More

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How Suely Jeon Went From Sales Rep to Sales Director
By Fiona Waters

Seven years ago, Suely Jeon made the change from working in HR to starting her career with Salesforce as a Sales Development Representative.   Read More

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Women With Patents: Ann Tsukamoto
By Emily D'Agostino

Ann Tsukamoto holds seven granted patents in the area of stem cell research, with five additional patent applications pending.   Read More

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Zoom Fatigue: A New Reality
By Casey Mazzotti

We are all adjusting to this new normal of the virtual work environment, and many of us are finding it difficult to manage this new phenomenon known as Zoom fatigue.   Read More

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Tech Industry Expert, Samantha Scully, on a Mission to Help Women Get Work
By WITI News Staff

Samantha Scully, Founder and Principal of Scully Staffing Solutions, has made it her mission to help women get work.   Read More