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Tips for Setting Up Your Home Office
By Casey Mazzotti

If you're an office worker, you probably understand the struggle of the need to sit throughout your day - it can be a real pain   Read More

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How SEO 2.0 is Bringing Quality Back to the Internet
By Anna Johansson

The general principles of search engine optimization have not changed, but SEO methods and strategies have evolved as search engine algorithms have evolved.   Read More

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Renee Zaugg, VP & CIO of Otis Elevator Company
By WITI News Staff

With more than two decades of experience working in global technology leadership roles, Renee has a deep understanding of the relationships between technology and business strategy.   Read More

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Best Cybersecurity Practices for 2021
By Matthew Stern

While 2020 is in the past, we're not ready to leave behind our reliance on the internet.   Read More

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Budget Stripped? Here Are Some Creative Ways to Promote Your Business
By Larry Alton

Has your business had to make major budget cuts in response to a rough 2020 business year?   Read More

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Is Trying To Live a Perfect Life Keeping You From Living a Happy Life?
By Manuela Pauer

So maybe you are not an extreme perfectionist, but you may be surprised to learn that perfectionism comes in many flavors.   Read More