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WITI Wellbeing Center
By Shreya Rupesh

The WITI Wellbeing Center was created by Anna and Daniel Leighton shortly after the lockdown started, to allow people to take a break from their day to relax and rejuvenate.   Read More

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An Interview with Ioana David
By Shehzadi Aziz

Ioana David, a Global Marketing Coordinator at Boston Consulting Group, who spoke extensively about her role at BCG, gave advice and answered questions to students watching the webinar.   Read More

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The World Has Seen Women Leaders Dominating the Coronavirus
By Stella Lincoln

The immeasurable actions of the female leaders in other countries such as Denmark, Iceland, and Norway have been cited as supporting evidence that the recurring pattern is no coincidence.   Read More

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WITI Recap: New Jersey
By WITI News Staff

This month, we had a very informative webinar, by Magenic Chief Technology Officer Rockford Lhotka covering the most important changes facing cloud technology today.   Read More

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Are you ready to transform your everyday?
By Salesforce Staff

WITI was thrilled to announce our partnership with Salesforce at the Virtual Summit! Now we are pleased to announce that our new content hub,, is officially live!   Read More

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Three Reasons Why Women are Dissuaded from Pursuing STEM
By Leah Edossa

Three major reasons as to why women are dissuaded from pursuing STEM directly relate to social conditioning, unequal opportunities, and the gender wage gap.   Read More