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Hedy Lamarr: The Mother of Wi-Fi and Hollywood
By Casey Mazzotti

Hedy Lamarr is an icon not just for her starring roles in Oscar-nominated films, but for her intellect and genius in developing the technology that paved the way for wireless communications to exist.   Read More

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Consumer Product Fails
By Fiona Waters

Certain inventions were expected to be dead on arrival before technology made them contenders, but even electric lightbulbs were expected to be a flop.   Read More

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Series: The Matilda Effect - Profile: Rosalind Franklin
By Casey Mazzotti

It is unclear who is actually to blame for the lack of credit, or late credit, to Franklin for her imperative contribution and discovery of the helical structure of DNA.   Read More

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Hiring the Right People for Your Business
By Andy Latkovskis

For your business to move to the next level, you will need a team behind you to help you carry and execute your dream.   Read More

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How (and why) To Address Systemic Racism Through Community Engagements
By Damon Carter

The decision to take a stand against systemic racism by actively supporting social justice reform can be a difficult and pivotal choice for any organization.   Read More

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Masculine Culture: It's Affects On 21st Century Education
By Amanda Dudley

If you ask a woman what it feels like to be successful in a world dominated by men, you would most likely get an entire book of negative things.   Read More