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Four Ways Digital Experience Will Evolve In 2020
By Parna Sarkar-Basu

Your brand's marching orders for 2020 will start with this: Every point of interaction with consumers should spark an immediate, positive response.   Read More

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IDF officer-turned CEO: Navigating the battleground of business
By Hagar Valiano Rips

We come across many different people and experiences in our lives, all of which shape us into who we are and who we strive to be, from the most seemingly insignificant conversation to a close friend that has stood by our side for years.   Read More

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The Spiders and the Flies as a Sequel to the Birds and the Bees
By Ewa Pasewicz

What do we call someone who keeps repeating the same mistakes? Is there any regularity in which the topic of "Security" appears throughout history?   Read More

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System Upgrades For Your Energy Levels 2020
By Alyse Hart

Work, with its many competing demands and little time to do things, is the norm. Being pulled in different directions causes stress, tightening and shallow breathing.   Read More

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Profiles in Leadership: Jodi Schiller
By WITI News Staff

Today we do a wide ranging interview with Jodi Schiller, trail-blazing feminist and serial entrepreneur in software development, cryptocurrencies, marketing and PR.   Read More

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How Leadership Differs From Management
By WITI News Staff

The relationship between leadership and management is more nuanced than many people realize. While managers should meet the definition of leaders, not all do.   Read More