How to Get over Holiday Blues at Work in Eight Easy Ways

Hasibuddin Ahmed

January 11, 2016

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Holidays are over, and the very thought of going back to work is a nightmare for every working professional. Moody Mondays are back, and you grudgingly wake up from the comfort of your bed to get ready for office. This transformation from lazy to hectic mornings is going to take some time and is very uncomfortable.

The most difficult part of coming back to the office after the holidays is keeping up with the work. You might have the blues thinking about how much you enjoyed during the holidays, and these thoughts come in between you and your work. Here are a few ways how you can get over this holiday hangover and get into the routine easily:

1. Reorganize your desk

The best way to beat the blues is to reorganize your desk and to make your environment feel refreshing. Coming to the same old desk can make you feel dreadful and detached from your work environment. Clean up the desk if you have left any mess before your holidays and start organizing the desk in a new way.

If you have any office items that you do not want and is just lying there, do away with it. You will feel a sense of fresh space lying in front of you. These things have a positive emotional effect on your mind and make you at ease.

2. Do not overwhelm yourself with too much work

After coming back from the holidays, it is difficult to concentrate on work and when work becomes overloaded it is irritating. Learn to say no when you feel that you will not be able to handle it and explain your situation to your manager.

Nobody is going to make you a hero if you work too much. Companies are not interested in workaholics; it is more of what you can do with each hour of your working time. Make the most out of what you are doing and do it perfectly. Doing more and making mistakes does not help your cause.

3. Take a new project or assignment

If you have no project or assignment on your hand at the moment, try to get one that is different. Challenging work will provide you with the right motivation to keep you engrossed in your day to day routine. A distinct project will help you to forget about your holiday and keep the blues away.

4. Attend training sessions and workshops

Certain training sessions and workshops motivate and help you in your productivity. You can opt for such type of sessions if you are free and learn something new or get yourself motivated by a good lecture session from a reputed speaker.

5. Take longer breaks if necessary

It is normal to feel the need to have frequent or longer breaks. After spending days relaxing and having a comfortable time, it is possible to feel unsynchronized with the routine in the workplace. Remember it is a transition period, where you need to readjust yourself to your old routine. Take longer breaks if you feel that you cannot concentrate on your work.

6. Leave office on time and maintain your work-life balance

Do not put yourself under stress after coming from holidays. Take everything easy and do your work in chunks and always leave on time. There is no need to prove anything or make up for lost time as you are not the only one who goes on a holiday. Remember that you have a life apart from your professional one and maintain the work-life balance.

7. Try to focus on the work and remove any distractions

You might be excited to discuss with your colleagues regarding how you all spend the holidays and meetings may turn into a social gathering of personal discussions. There will be a lot of such distractions that you will face after coming from holidays. Try not to open any social media accounts in the office and disable notifications in your phone. Remove distractions and focus on making a smooth transition to your work life.

8. Hit the gym after office

You might feel lethargic and less active physically after holidays. If you are physically well in shape, you will be mentally fit too. So hit the gym after office or go jogging in the morning. It will help you to keep in shape and your energy levels high so that you can focus on the work without feeling any effect of holiday hangovers.

The above tips will help you in adjusting back to your old work routine quickly and comfortably. Do not take career change risks in this period, these are the times you will be more vulnerable to making mistakes and risking your career. So, if you are thinking of changing your career, you should wait out for some time. If you join a new company after holidays and are not able to perform well during that period, it will have a negative impact. Make calculated risks if it is an inevitable thing.

If you feel there is more you can add or have something to say about your experiences regarding holiday blues in work, feel free to do it in the comment section below.

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Hasib is a career coach, blogger and professional writer working for one of the top job websites in India - He closely monitors the current trends in the job industry and often writes articles related to career decisions and professional development. When he isn't busy writing, he is either trying out a new dish or watching an exciting game of football. Follow him @ Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn

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