Security at Superbowl 50

Kylie Janoso

March 01, 2016

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It's no secret that tightened security is on the rise, and certainly for good measure. More often than not, you find yourself emptying your purse, walking through the metal detector, and showing multiple forms of ID. The measures enforced are for good reason and usually performed mindlessly. We go through the motions, not thinking about what safety teams prepare for, especially at a large event like the Super Bowl.

As a widely popular event, Super Bowl 50 had around 71,000 people pass through Levi's Stadium gates. With 71,000 occupants, stadium staff and specialized security teams had to be on guard at all times. Multiple security teams, including the FBI, local police, stadium staff, and specialized security companies all worked together to ensure a safe event.

Security experts prepared for all contingencies, even though Levi's Stadium and the surrounding area received no threats. After recent attacks throughout the world, security had to be tighter than previous Super Bowls. Police worked to secure all areas and events related to Super Bowl 50.

Patrons entering from each entrance of the field went through heavy screening such as bag checks, and pat downs, passing through metal detectors. Bomb sniffing dogs were also on the premises. Police screened not only all patrons but also thoroughly searched all cargo and equipment coming into the stadium. Security helicopters and Air Force fighter jets were also spotted flying over Levi's Stadium enforcing a no-fly zone for drones while providing additional security air coverage.

The surrounding areas near Levi's Stadium were also ready for anything. Specialized security teams were posted days ahead of the game spreading across 50 miles of the surrounding area, as many patrons will be enjoying the game outside of the venue. Since security were stations across the area, it was important that all police forces and security teams to stay connected and informed. To do this, they depended on many different types of technology.

Officers depend on digital two-way radios to connect officers and dispatch. Surveillance cameras were used to watch patrons and provide technology such as facial recognition, allowing officers to keep informed. Special security teams also analyze things as common as social media, looking for concerning posts or threads. The use of these types of technologies allows officers to stay ahead of potential threats and keep informed.

These types of security measures are taking place all over the country at different types of events. Large venue, high profile events are being tightly secured in efforts to decrease threats to humanity.

Security teams depend on collaboration, cooperation, and technology to ensure safety. So the next time you become annoyed at the sight of a security checkpoint, remember that it is for you and your well-being.

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