SPECIAL NEW FEATURE at the 22nd Annual WITI Summit: The Coaching Track

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May 09, 2016

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SPECIAL NEW FEATURE at the 22nd Annual WITI Summit:
The Coaching Track

Do you find yourself unsure of how to
- step into a larger role ... or
- take an idea and build a startup ... or
- reach for that next level in your career?

Do you replay in your head every wrong word you said in a meeting?

We believe good coaching on professional development skills from those who have conquered the career challenges you're facing will increase your odds of achieving positive outcomes.

With such positive feedback on the Coaching Circles offered at last year's Summit, by popular demand the COACHING TRACK at the 2016 WITI Summit will feature more than 120 informal Coaching Circles and One-on-One Coaching, as well as more structured Coaching Workshops.

These 60-minute mini-coaching morsels are an opportunity to engage with a qualified coach and discuss a work-related or personal topic of your choosing. Coaching topic areas include:

- leadership development
- communication skills
- teamwork and collaboration
- adaptability
- problem solving
- critical observation
- conflict resolution
- work/life balance
and more ...

Each Coaching CIRCLE consists of
- a qualified, professional coach
- a topic in which the coach has experience and expertise
- 5-10 women interested in that topic
- space for the circle that is conducive to share and learn together.

You can feel completely free to just listen or participate 100% - no pressure - just a lot of AHA! moments and gathering information you can immediately apply when you return to your office.

Coaching WORKSHOPS are more traditionally-structured 60-minute interactive presentations, also offered Sunday through Tuesday.

Tips to get the most from Coaching Circles:

(1) Be on time. Coaches will adhere to the signup schedule.
(2) Laser your question. For this mini-coaching format, the narrower and more specific your question, the better. For example, asking, "What do I say to a boss who says __________?" will yield more concise coaching than a question like, "What's my next career move?"
(3) Tailor your expectations. If you are coming to a coach with a longstanding or complex issue, expecting a solution from your coach in 20 minutes isn't realistic or fair.
(4) Coaches vary widely. Bios on all the Summit coaches are available online to help you make better matches. Even so, only sitting with your coach will establish if there's coaching chemistry.
(5) If you would like post-Conference coaching support, ask your coach if she/he is available for this, and in what form.
(6) If you need more coaching time, or slots are already filled with your preferred coach, don't despair. We will make contact information available for those coaches willing to offer post-Conference coaching consultations.

Here is a preliminary list of the Circles and Workshops to be offered in the WITI Summit Coaching Track (click here for the complete Coaching Track schedule):

- Adding Body Intelligence to Your IQ and EQ (or: What Are Your Feelings Really Saying?)
- Become Your Best: An Appreciative Approach on Improving Performance
- Being a Leader - With or Without the Title (OR: How to Influence without Authority)
- Being Brave and Brilliant
- Being Influential: How to Get Comfortable with Presenting Wild Ideas
- Best Date Ever: Creating Awesome Business Relationships
- Beyond Networking: How to Truly Connect and Build a Network
- Breaking Silos While Climbing Up
- Breaking Through Bias: Retraining the Brain to Ignite Innovation
- Bridging the Gap between Your Left and Right Hemisphere: What Does This Do for You?
- Build Your Dream Team: Stop Trying To Do this Life Thing Alone
- Burned Out? Embracing the Meltdown May Be the Best Thing You've Done for Yourself All Year!
- Calling Out the Brilliance of Women: Demonstrating New Leadership Skills
- Career Choices: Creating Focus in a World of Bright Shiny Objects
- Cause Your Success: Create Your Vision and Take Action
- Changing Habits Is Changing our Minds
- Changing the Perceived Success Molds: How to Get Noticed When You Don't Look Like the Boss
- Collaboration: Making Powerful Requests
- Communication: How What You DON'T Say Could Be More Important Than What You DO Say!
- Connective Authenticity - Building a Powerful Network
- Create Influence, On Demand
- Create the Next Big Thing: for Product Development Executives
- Creating a Context for Success (for You and Your Team)
- Creating and Building a Winning Team!
- Creating Connections and Building Business Alliances
- Creating Opportunities: Finding a Way Out of No-Way Situations
- Creating Results through Clear and Powerful Requests and Promises
- Creativity and Courage
- Crucial Conversations in the Workplace
- Cultivating Disruptive Diversity
- Dealing with Difficult People
- Do It Now - While You Still Have the Chance
- Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?
- Driving Your Destiny: Managing Your Career from Covey's Quadrants
- Edge Out the Competition for Promotions
- Emotional Intelligence: Dealing with Difficult Behavior
- Engaging Men in Women's Leadership
- Engineer Your Bliss: Create the Life You Want
- Envision, Imagine, Embody: Your Life's Calling
- Essentials for Your Strategic Career
- Expand Your Personal Power in Creating Authentic Relationship Peace
- FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real
- Find Your Dream Job: A Proven Framework
- Finding the Sweetspot in Conflicting Ideas
- Finish What You Start: 5 Tools for Life Mastery
- Generations in the Workplace: Introducing iGeneration
- Getting My Sanity Back: What's at the Heart of Work/Life Balance
- Grow Your Small Business
- Hack Your Fear Signature For Innovation and Engagement
- High Impact Communication
- How IQ Got You in the Door and EQ Will Get You to the Top!
- How To Be Relaxed, Confident and Super-Effective in Interviews
- How to Build Better Relationships by Avoiding the 4 Behaviors that Sabotage Them
- How To Create a Killer Personal Brand
- How to Create a More Engaging Working Environment When Leading and Managing Teams
- How to Create a Winning Personal Brand That Gains You Respect and Influence
- How to Find Your Ideal Career
- How to Have a Partnership Mindset with Customers, Colleagues and Coworkers
- How to Know If You're Ready for a Career Change, and What Steps to Take Next
- How to Succeed as a Professional Woman in a Men's Business World
- How to Turn Conflict into Opportunity
- How to Win without Fighting: The Art of Everyday Negotiations
- How to Work with Half-Grown Men
- How Women Can Better Support Women: A Real Power Tool in Business
- Interview Skills: Take the Lead and Get the Job!
- Keeping the Conversation Going: How to Build A Generative Conversation
- Keys for Avoiding Job Surprises, Starting With the Interview
- Lead Outside Your Comfort Zone: Four Strategies To Create A Greater Impact
- Leadership Essentials: Executive Presence, Influence, and Persuasion
- Leadership Presence: Your Career Advantage
- Leading Above the Line: Ditching Fear in Favor of Learning
- Leverage Your Personal Brand to Achieve Your Goals
- Leverage Your Personal Brand to Achieve Your Goals
- Making Diversity and Inclusion Really Work at Work
- Making LinkedIn Work for YOU
- Managing Across Cultures: Managing People of Diverse Cultures
- Managing Up! Get Back in the Driver's Seat
- Mastering Context to Achieve Effective Business Communication
- Mastering Limiting Belief Systems
- Mind Over Money
- Mindful Innovation: Leading Creative Breakthroughs in Your Organization
- Moving from Blame to Action: How to Take Healthy Responsibility
- Navigating Culture in the Workplace: Working with Colleagues of Diverse Cultures
- New Employee Accelerator
- New Leadership Model for Rocketing Innovation, Productivity, and Engagement
- New Leadership Model for Rocketing Innovation, Growth, Engagement
- No Power and No Point: Why Your Slides Suck and How To Make Them Soar
- Overcoming the Bamboo Ceiling (the Asian Leadership Gap)
- Power Trip: Tools for Maximizing Your Personal Power at Work
- Powerful Presence: Embodying Your Power as a Leader
- Presenting with Impact: Skills to Build Confidence and Get Results
- Presenting with Power
- Proven Mind Tools to Pursue Your Passion, Bounce Back From Failure, and Reach Success
- Release the Grip of Your Inner Critic
- Resilience and Flow
- Returning to the Workforce Confidently (Even If You've Been Out of the Game for a While)
- Secrets to Happiness: Be Happier at Work and in Your Life
- Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence: Essential Keys for Women in IT
- Self-To-Sell Funded: The Questions You Need to Know That Will Sell Any Idea
- Selling with Soul: Sell without Wear or Stress
- Seven Seconds to Making A Great and Lasting Impression
- Shift Your Thoughts and Change Your World
- Speak Like a Leader
- Speak Up Soulfully: Igniting Your Inspired and Authentic Voice
- Speak Up! Be You! Be Heard! Present like a Pro
- Standing Your Ground: Managing Emotionally Charged Situations
- Take Your Power Back! How To Communicate Effectively in the Workplace
- Teams: The Art of Delivering Uncomfortable Communications
- The New Normal: Energy Management, NOT Time Management
- The Power of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
- The Tribal Leader: Personal Success to Purposeful Significance
- They'll Think You Are a Mindreader: It's Just a New Way of Listening
- Think You Need the Title to Be a Leader? Think Again!
- Thrive vs. Survive: Integrating Work and Life
- Unlock Your Leadership Genius: How to Recognize your Genius and the Genius of Others
- Using AGILE Methodologies to Create Influence, On Demand
- Using LinkedIn for Personal Branding
- Who Says? You're Not the Boss of ME!!
- Women Returning to Work
- Working Above the Line: How to Drop Fear and Open to Learning

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