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Spend most days at home? Get a flu shot anyway.
By Fiona Waters

If COVID-19 mimics what we know about other pandemics, it’s possible that another wave will hit later this fall. Even without additional coronavirus patients, the flu is capable of overwhelming hospitals on its own.   Read More

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The Adventures of Women in Tech: How We Got Here and Why We Stay
By Alana Karen

Can women have meaningful careers in tech? Are diversity efforts in Silicon Valley failing? Should women avoid working for technology companies?   Read More

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Gender Intimidation: Technology Professionals
By Karlyrose Acosta

Although women are making strides by pursuing engineering degrees and obtaining high positions, their journey to the top is consistently uphill.   Read More

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Rest In Power
By Carolyn Leighton and Ellie Ebby

There were so many remarkable aspects to Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg, but, in my opinion, what made her especially effective was the smart, strategic approach she took to achieving her goals.   Read More

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Deborah Theobold's Entrepreneurial Journey and Tips for Board Leadership
By Erin Horiuchi

Deborah Theobold, CEO of Vecna Technologies was featured on WITI's Fireside Chat, hosted by Parna Sarkar-Basu, VP of Brand Marketing for WITI and founder of Brand and Buzz Marketing.   Read More

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From India to the U.S.: A Corporate Journey Through the Pandemic
By WITI News Staff

When businesses around the world nearly came to a standstill with the lockdown, there was an immediate need for companies to work remotely.   Read More