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The Virus Masks Can't Protect: Cyber Pandemic
By Brianna Nguyen

Any event as massive as the coronavirus is sure to bring about some sweeping changes. As people adapt to new circumstances, it has cast a new light on some aspects of life and business.   Read More

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What WITI Means To Me
By Taliyaah Maryam

WITI is a beautiful women's empowerment website. WITI is also known for doing webinars, which allows them to spread information helping women to be independent in the world of technology.   Read More

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COVID-19 Pandemic Impact on Women in Technology
By WITI News Staff

A United Nations article points out that women are indeed impacted more in times of crises than men.   Read More

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Women Who Hold a Patent
By Fizza Zehra

Women inventors account for just under 13% of patent applications globally, according to a study by the UK's intellectual property office.   Read More

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By Carolyn Leighton

A New Year's affirmation is more than just a "resolution" - it's an opportunity to stretch my creativity and confront areas of resistance in my life...   Read More

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Next in Series: The Matilda Effect & Academic Research
By Casey Mazzotti

While the "Matilda Effect" and the "Matthew Effect" have both been established as phenomena that do happen in the scientific world, researchers are still trying to learn just how pervasive gender bias can be in the sciences and other industries.   Read More