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How Poverty Affects Education and Health: Can Technology Help?
By Tyra Ryan

South Sudan is one of the world's youngest countries and is considered to be the poorest country in Africa.   Read More

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WITI Coach: Jovita Jenkins
By Fiona Waters and Jovita Jenkins

Jovita has been a graduate student, aerospace engineer, college professor, speaker, writer, and leadership coach among other roles.   Read More

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Intercultural Communication - A WITI Series: Culture Shock
By Kiani Laigo

Imagine that you have just moved to a new country for a new job. You have a mixture of emotions: you are excited to meet new people and learn new things, but scared because it is completely unknown territory.   Read More

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The Imposter Syndrome Files: Normalizing Human Struggles
By Progress Ime

A comprehensive review on The Imposter Syndrome Files Podcast hosted by Kim Meniger   Read More

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How to Handle Internal Security Problems in Your Business
By Larry Alton

Most businesses have security policies in place to protect them from external threats, like cybercriminals or would-be burglars. These external threats are important to guard against.   Read More

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Intercultural Communication: An Introduction
By Kiani Laigo

At some point in life, you will engage in intercultural communication, defined as communication between people with different cultural identities.   Read More