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How to Support Another Woman at Work
By Elizabeth Lions

It took me years to demonstrate my support of women, especially when a woman was unkind to me at work.   Read More

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How Firms Can Support Their Women in Networking
By Joseph McLean

Although they struggle more than men, women are open to challenging themselves and society by making a step in the so-called men-domains.   Read More

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Congratulations Terry Dear
By WITI News Staff

Please join WITI in congratulating our very own Terry Dear from WITI Orange County on winning Best Tech Manager Community Favorite at the Timmy Awards. Terry was the only woman out of the five finalist selected.   Read More

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Why Women Aren't Perceived as Powerful (at work)
By Elizabeth Lions

Every woman may know the feeling of being overlooked or run over in a meeting. No one likes it. Especially executive women.   Read More

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Are Coworking Spaces Doing Enough To Support Women?
By Anna Johansson

Coworking spaces are a natural outgrowth of the gig economy, and of startup culture more broadly. In fact, the spaces have become so popular that even larger companies are using their facilities.   Read More

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Elijah Cummings 1951-2019
By Carolyn Leighton

I woke up this morning to news Elijah Cummings died at 2:38am this morning - and I can't stop crying.   Read More