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Donating Plasma After Getting a COVID-19 Vaccine
By The CSL Behring Communication Team

Yes, you can still donate â€"source plasma” after being vaccinated.   Read More

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From Farms to Incubators (An excerpt from From Farms to Incubators)
By WITI News Staff

Both agriculture and technology have a long history in California but until recently have rarely intersected.   Read More

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How Creating an Ideal Team can Transform an Association
By Andy Latkovskis

If the organization lacks an ideal team, conflicts will arise in an organization, and all the effort to grow the company will be futile.   Read More

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Grapes on the Beach: How Abigail Disney Took a Swing at Accountability and Missed
By Jules Penham

Although Level Forward was founded to address workplace inequality and back inclusive projects, the internal treatment of its staff did not reflect its professed values, especially for women of color.   Read More

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WITI Partners with The star in me to Empower Women in Technology in India
By WITI News Staff

For WITI, the partnership signals continuing Asia-Pacific (APAC) expansion ahead of the firm's upcoming Global Summit   Read More

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Academic Research on Gender Bias
By Casey Mazzotti

Several studies have determined that female authors are less likely than their male counterparts to receive slots in notable publications   Read More