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Imposter Syndrome
By Elisa Heikura

Imposter Syndrome is a Syndrome found in 1978, when two psychologists and researchers, Pauline Rose Clance and Suzanne Imes, interviewed 150 highly successful women.   Read More

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Investing In Professional Development: Why It's Important
By Tracy Diaz

Investing in professional development is the best investment you can make as an employee. It equips you with new skills and consequently makes your curriculum vitae more impressive.   Read More

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15 Gender Identity Terms You Need to Know to Build an Inclusive Workplace
By Samantha McLaren

It's important to recognize this distinction because binary thinking around gender can exclude a large - and overlooked - part of the workforce.   Read More

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Spotlight: A Female Tech Entreprenuer
By Denise DiSano

The road to starting a technology company wasn't a straight line for me, as is often the case for female entrepreneurs, especially those who got into this arena as "second acts."   Read More

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Honoring Black History Month
By Carolyn Leighton

Many of the leaders who shaped American Black History have been my personal heroes for decades. They are standout examples of inspiring leadership, courage, commitment to change.   Read More

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Women Can Pilot Drones Too!
By Samantha Scully

According to the Drone Industry Insights magazine, the global drone market is expected to grow to over $43 billion in 2024.   Read More