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Life Lessons: Kathleen Mitford on Why Diversity Drives Innovation
By Erin Horiuchi

Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer, Kathleen Mitford delivered the keynote fireside chat at the recent WITI 2020 virtual summit   Read More

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Business Not As Usual: Creating A Safe Space To Talk About Race
By Fiona Waters

California, Illinois, Alabama, and New York in the US; Canada; and even a country on the other side of the world - these are just a few of the places participants are calling in from to be a part of Denise Hamilton's discussion Business Not as Usual: Creating a Safe Space to Talk About Race.   Read More

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Salesforce and WITI have entered into a new partnership!
By Salesforce Staff

We have news for you! We are proud to announce that Salesforce and WITI have entered into a new partnership dedicated to the education and advancement of women in tech.   Read More

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The Perfect Pandemic Pivot
By Kim Linton

Progress over perfection: a skill we can build any time but is especially useful during the pandemic.   Read More

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Embrace These 4 Technologies to Excel in Your Industry
By Anna Johansson

The technology revolution seems to be accelerating at a rapid pace. Ten years ago, autonomous vehicles were just an experiment.   Read More

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How to be an Ally to Transgender People: A Crash Course in Gender Etiquette
By Collin Stettler

As hate crimes against LGBT+ citizens have begun to increase over the past few years, it becomes ever so crucial that we act as allies and advocate for our transgender citizens.   Read More