Job Transition Survival Guide �" Tackling the First 90 Days

Fatimah Gilliam Founder, and CEO The Azara Group

November 14, 2016

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You just got a new job, got promoted, or got assigned to a new division. Maybe you are entering the workforce for the first time or working with a new client. It might seem overwhelming to be thrust into a new environment, but there are ways to tackle this transition so you come out on top. Transitioning to a new role does not have to be so daunting, and there are countless resources you can utilize to help.

Michael Watkins's book, The First 90 Days, details important strategies for leaders coming into new roles. The advice in this book can also be useful for recent graduates beginning their first job. Check out some takeaways from this book and ease the transition into your new position.

1. Identify What Type of Organization You Are Entering

Is the company in need of a turnaround, or were you brought in to sustain the success that has already been achieved? Are you getting ready to launch a new project, or are you there to prevent a disaster? Knowing what type of company you are working with will help you identify your strategy as a new leader and help you start strong with a clear and concise plan.

2. What are Your Leadership Strengths?

Identify your leadership skills and know where your skills could be further developed. Knowing what kind of leader you are will help you see yourself through the eyes of your employees and be a better supervisor to fit their needs. It will also make the entire organization more productive.

3. What are the Strengths of Your Team Members?

Knowing how to best utilize your team and leverage your colleagues will lead to a more productive and happy work environment. Balance the skill sets on your team and make some personnel adjustments if necessary. Designate each employee with a “keep and develop, transfer, or replace” and assess how each person functions within the greater construct of the team.

4. Define Your Support Network

Any strong leader has a strong network on whom he or she can rely. As a leader within a new organization or in a new role, it is important that you define this network at the outset. Reach out to people both within your institution and outside of it. The more perspectives you can get and the more people you can turn to, the better!

5. Learn the Office's Culture

Understanding the office's culture will help you create solidarity among your employees and will help you feel more at home in your new position. Observe the way the office operates and absorb some of the cultural norms
(e.g., pay attention to norms around attire, notice communication and interpersonal trends, and learn office protocols).

Starting a new position can feel daunting, but it is an exciting and rewarding time of change and growth. Embrace these first 90 days, be open to a departure from your previous role, and continuously cultivate and develop your leadership skills. If you do, others will recognize your potential and you will be given positions with greater responsibility - and a bigger paycheck!

The Azara Group (TAG) is a consulting firm that promotes the development of leaders in an increasingly competitive and diverse marketplace - providing strategy consulting services and leadership training services to advance professional and life success. TAG leverages expertise in career strategy, diversity, negotiation skills, and business acumen to provide strategic advice and consulting services to help people and organizations get what they want, achieve their goals, and advance their business and career objectives. TAG also helps companies better attract, retain, and promote diverse talent, and develop robust diversity platforms and strategies to create a more inclusive workplace.

The Azara Group welcomes your direct comments and feedback. We do not post comments to our site at this time, but we value hearing from our readers. We invite you to share your thoughts with us. You can contact us directly at [email protected].

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