WITI’s 2016 Top 10 List of Achievements for Women in Technology

Carolyn Leighton

December 27, 2016

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It's hard to believe 20 years have passed since WITI worked with Rene Redwood to write the technology piece in the U.S. Government Glass Ceiling Report.

At the end of every year, our team takes a look at what we have accomplished to ensure we are on track for serving our members, our partners, and our mission.

Below we share WITI's 2016 Top 10 List of Achievements. We hope this list will inspire each of you to reach higher and work with WITI to make a greater impact for women in technology.

WITI's 2016 Top 10 List of Achievements for Women in Technology:

1. We inducted five women into the annual Women in Technology Hall of Fame, bringing the total number of women inductees to 112.

2. We continued our global expansion by adding 10 new WITI Networks including WITI Japan and WITI Sweden.

3. We produced the 23rd annual Women in Technology Summit, the 4th annual Geek Glam event, the 1st WITI AR/VR Art Café, and over 100 events around the globe.

4. We launched WWM SMART Power Leadership Institute in partnership with Will Marré, co-founder and former president of Covey Leadership. Our leadership institute gives organizations the tools they need to transform their culture.

5. We created opportunities for our members to be featured speakers at industry events committed to opening their communities to more women.

6. We welcomed our 300th Lifetime Member and increased our reach to over 2 million tech-savvy professionals.

7. We signed more than 50 new partnerships.

8. We added three advisory board members who will focus on engaging more Millennials, start-ups, and small businesses to use the power of WITI for their success.

9. Our coaching & mentorship programs increased 50%.

10. We featured 47 new webinars and launched "WITI Member Orientation Webinars."

2016 Highlights

The Women in Technology Hall of Fame is one of WITI's proudest achievements. Founded in 1996, our mission is to recognize significant contributions women make to and in the business of technology. The stories shared over the past 22 years inspire all of us.

We continue to work at industry events with organizations committed to change. Previously, these events had an 87% to 100% tradition of featuring men as speakers. We worked to open up speaking opportunities for WITI Members. Additionally, our partners share space, VIP invites, and sponsor WITI networking events to demonstrate their support for women in technology. We are proud of our partners for embracing positive change.

WWM Smart Power Leadership Institute: Will Marré, the Director of this Institute, has changed the way we think about change. We work with companies to help them shift their culture and adapt effectively to the diversity that exists in America. Will teaches women and men who attend our programs how to develop the leadership skills which will contribute to the innovation and the bottom line of their companies. These intelligent powerful programs represent the high-value standards that WITI stands for.

Coaching & Mentoring: in 2016 WITI made a commitment women's leadership by expanding our coaching and mentoring programs by 50%. We know that every time we contribute to building effective leadership, the world is transformed.

Stay tuned as we share with you sneak peeks of 2017 and what WITI has in store for our member partners.

We wish you a healthy, prosperous 2017, and invite you to reach out to me personally to make our 2017 Top Ten list even greater!

Carolyn Leighton, Chairwoman/Founder of WITI

Opinions expressed by the author are not necessarily those of WITI.

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