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One Millennial's Mission
By Kim Linton

In the 1990's, being raised with both parents in the Army was unique, but at the time it was all I knew.   Read More

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3 Tech Entrepreneurs Offer Startup Advice To Women in STEM
By Pauline Ochieng

In her interview with Queens in Tech, Megan O'Connor, Forbes 30 Under 30, Environmental Engineer and CEO, Nth Cycle debunks a common myth about tech entrepreneurship.   Read More

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Notes from a Quarantine Expert
By Bhavani Esapathi

If you are tired of the chaos this quarantine has brought upon you, I can with a great degree of certainty assure you that I am one of the leading experts at quarantine in the world and I can offer you an alternative.   Read More

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Want To Follow Your Desires But Too Scared To Quit Your Job?
By Hannah Butler

We have all been guilty of wishing the hours away, day-dreaming about a life which is lived to its fullest. A life free from the time restrictions and stresses of a 9-5 workplace.   Read More

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Tips To Keep Your Brand Alive During A Crisis
By Parna Sarkar-Basu

In these unprecedented times, many are fighting to keep their businesses running, balancing work and family life while staying at home.   Read More

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The Difference Between Content Strategy and UX Writing
By Rebecca Willis

We often come across the terms of UX writing and content strategy. These concepts have appeared relatively recently. Many do not have a clear idea of what these areas of activity mean and what is their essence.   Read More