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Business success

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The Winner's Framework: Turn the Theory of Success into Reality
By Tom Panaggio

Everyone says, "Think like a winner. With a positive attitude, you can accomplish anything," but really, it's acting like a winner that makes you one.   Read More

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There's No Such Thing as Failure
By Jaime Bancroft Gennaro

People fear failure. That fear both drives people and keeps them from accomplishing things. Imagine then you stop believing in failure. Once you take the word out of your vocabulary, then you change your stance from 'surviving failure' to 'working through obstacles'.   Read More

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Workplace Email Etiquette -- 6 Simple Steps
By Fatimah Gilliam Founder, and CEO The Azara Group

All of us have been there. Either we sent an email that was not as polished as it should have been or we received one that made us roll our eyes. When sending emails, think of this as another opportunity to establish your brand and reputation.   Read More

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How Women in Technology Create a Plan for Future Advancement
By JJ DiGeronimo

If you want to get ahead in the workplace it does take time and a plan.   Read More

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Growing Within Your Company: Dragonflies and Pelicans
By Pam Lassiter

"I'd like to network with you." How do you feel when someone says that to you? After surveying a countless number of professionals in my seminars, I see the same reaction: they cringe. People don't like the concept of being "networked with." There's an implication of being used, of being put on the spot, of being asked for names when you're not sure that you want to share any. Although we all realize networking is important, we have an instinctive reaction against it when we're on the receiving end. How do we change that reaction so that both teams want to play ball, especially when you're the one who is seeking new information or relationships? There's a tactic and a strategy to encourage others to open up to you, then you can start developing your dragonflies and pelicans.   Read More