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What is CyberCrime and How Can You Protect Yourself Against It?
By Terry Dear

October was national cybersecurity awareness month. on October 11, 2018, WITI Orange County hosted a cybercrime event at Zillow Group facility located in Irvine.   Read More

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How to Help Protect Your Smartphone from Hackers
By GEICO Staff

As our smartphones have become more ingrained in our lives, they've become rich repositories of personal information. In fact, hackers are busy experimenting with new ways to access smartphone data, she says, while users may not even be aware that their devices are at risk.   Read More

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Changing the Face of Cybersecurity
By Carmen Marsh

Cybercrime is increasing. The cybercrime wave is becoming an epidemic and is more profitable than drug trafficking.   Read More

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Put Cybersecurity at the Top of Your List
By WITI News Staff

Everyone has a list. We keep lists of goals, things to do, shopping lists, and bucket lists. The people with the longest list of things to do, probably, are those who are in charge of cybersecurity - the information technology (IT).   Read More