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Encouraging Wider Adoption of Digital Wallets
By 451 Alliance

451 Research recently surveyed 4,022 primarily North American consumers on their attitudes and preferences toward digital wallets.   Read More

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They See Lemons, You See Lemonade - The Digital World is Sweet
By Steve Cadigan

Chances are that your company or industry is going through some form of digital transformation. We hear about it, we read about it, yet most of the rhetoric focuses on the gloom and doom as opposed to an optimistic forecast of a bright digital future filled with new opportunities and prospects.   Read More

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Passion! The One Thing that Can't be Out-Sourced
By Michelle Bazargan CEO, Founder Align Innovations

True leadership is looking into the future, anticipating trends and proactively defining innovative strategies. Future business success rests, in part, on how well leaders can anticipate change, demonstrate leadership, and maximize the power of their talent.   Read More