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Mergers Can Ignite Innovation
By Marian Cook

Innovation happens when different people interact in new ways.   Read More

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Embrace the Tension: Navigating Innovation Paradoxes
By Sue Mosby

Business leaders today have spent decades managing for control, predictability, and efficiency to run a successful business. However, an influx of new technology, customer expectations and competitors challenge organizations to innovate in all aspects of their business.   Read More

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The Best Way to Compete in the Future Is to Create It
By Cheryl Cran

Innovation and creativity are key future of work collateral, AND you need a plan to create the future.   Read More

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Don't Judge a Book by Its Cover: Finding Innovation in the Most Unlikely Places
By Randstad Technologies

Recent grads and experienced job seekers looking to work on innovative projects frequently name the best-known technology firms as their most desired employer.   Read More

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Why IT Workers Need to Keep Their Skills Updated
By Randstad Technologies

Not too many years ago, the IT department was only expected to provide the technical infrastructure and services that enabled the remainder of the business. The CIO was expected to manage their firm's technology requirements with little to no input into overall business strategy. That has changed.   Read More

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How to Innovate Like a Woman Even if You're a Man
By Will Marré

As you know, I have no time to help leaders who are primarily in business just to make money. It's actually quite boring and totally uninspiring.   Read More