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How to Increase Engagement of Women in STEM
By Randstad Technologies

From June 25th to 27th, the leading experts in sensors, connectivity and IoT will descend on San Jose for the annual Sensors Expo and Conference.   Read More

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An Interview with Sudha Jamthe
By Brooke German

Sudha Jamthe's passion for technology inspires many. She shares her insights about this vast, ever-changing world.   Read More

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Seven Essential Tips for a Woman Following a Dream Career in IoT
By Mary Walton

The Internet of Things, more commonly referred to as IoT, is one of the fastest and most rapidly expanding industries in the world. By 2020 (just two years away), the industry is set to have evolved to over 26 billion individual IoT units that translate to an economic value of $1.9 trillion.   Read More

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Hottest of the Hot Jobs: IoT Architect
By Randstad Technologies

If you're looking for a technology sector that offers enormous potential for growth and a wealth of job opportunities, the Internet of Things (IoT) should ably fit that profile.   Read More

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The Payment Industry's New and Innovative Technologies
By Monica Eaton-Cardone

With new technologies like driverless cars and drone deliveries dominating media headlines, it's easy to overlook the numerous seemingly-insignificant developments that are brought to market every day. Once such area of innovation that is commonly overlooked is the payments industry.   Read More

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IoT Disrupts the Payments Market
By 451 Alliance

The traditional payments market is at the beginning of an upheaval, thanks in large part to the Internet of Things (IoT). The absorption of transactions and commerce into convenience items such as Amazon's Dash and Echo products, the disruptive potential of blockchain technology, and micro-transactions between devices are just some of the many factors driving evolution of the payments market.   Read More