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Designing your Life & Leveraging the Power of WITI
By Carolyn Leighton

Ask yourself this question: what do I want my life look like when I turn 80 and look back at the choices I have made? Are decisions I am making today supporting the outcome I want to happen?   Read More

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Some Life Hacks for Working Moms to Maintain the Work-Life Balance
By Hasibuddin Ahmed

We have all heard the term 'work-life balance' and how elusive it can be. Often we tend to underestimate this term, especially when we are riding high on the waves of success and giving all our time to making our career move ahead as fast as possible. But we realise at some point in our life that striking a work-life balance matters a lot and such a time is when one becomes a working mother.   Read More

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Road Trip Bites
By WITI News Staff

You know what they say about travel: it's all about the journey, until someone gets hangry! Minimize expensive pit stops and keep the joy in the journey by packing snacks for your next road trip.   Read More

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Opportunity and Risk are Soul Mates
By Tom Panaggio

No opportunity comes without risk; they are forever linked in perfect union. It's a marriage made in heaven-opportunity and risk- proving that opposites do attract.   Read More

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Work-life Balance Is a Bust in Today's Business Environment... Replace It with Work-Life Purpose
By Peggy Noe Stevens

We spend countless hours in our business world organizing and strategizing for the day-to-day business needs of the companies we work for.   Read More

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Selling a Business and Designing a New Life: 10 Questions to Your Best Future
By Marian Cook

This is the second in a series articles dedicated to the successful woman entrepreneur who, through her hard work and sharp wits, has successfully grown her enterprise to the point that it is salable. Selling a business, just like starting one, does require a thoughtful plan.   Read More