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Why Your Company Should Partner with WITI
By Kara M. Zone

In 2019, the number of women's groups . . . in the year of #metoo movements, and a 100 women firsts (USA Today) in politics, women supporting one another and having male advocates can help.   Read More

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Get Noticed With Strategic Alliances And Partnerships
By Suzanne Baran

According to Harvard Business Review, senior executives require a key skill. They create a "big vision" that extends beyond their organization and takes the business to the next level.   Read More

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Get a Money Buddy!
By Judi Martindale

It's often easier and much more fund to do things with a friend, especially if we need support in any given area. Weight Watcher's success, for example, is due in large part to the camaraderie and support of the weekly group meetings. Exercise experts have long encouraged us to find walking buddies to make sure we exercise when we're not in the mood. The same could be true for money management.   Read More