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Increasing Women's Representation in Table Tennis
By Alexandra McPeak

There are a few things you'll find at every modern tech company.   Read More

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Five Qualities Every Manager Should Know About Working Moms
By Akshita Puram

I remember the first time I walked into an interview with my purse and my breast pump in hand. Full-day interviews when you are still pumping are not easy.   Read More

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Five Jobs I've Quit
By Joan Liu

Recently, there was someone on Twitter who claimed that switching jobs every year is a hiring red flag. I would link it, but it was a terrible (and hypocritical) take...   Read More

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Insights from a Young Woman in Tech
By Liana Hotte

I've been in the workforce for two and a half years and already have a wide range of experiences as a young woman in tech.   Read More

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SmartBear WIT Joins Moms as Mentors for STEM Mentor Workshop
By Shari McGrath

The SmartBear Women in Technology (WIT) group joined forces with a local nonprofit, Moms as Mentors®, for a workshop on being a STEM mentor.   Read More

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Being a College Athlete Prepared Me for Working in Tech
By Caroline Ambros

As I near the one-year mark of graduating from Tufts University, I have found myself reflecting on how far I have come in a short time. A year ago, I wondered whether I should have spent more time doing internships rather than devoting so much of myself to the Tufts Sailing Team.   Read More