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Eye in the Sky: Earth's First Glimpse of a Black Hole
By Julia Opre

Black holes are the center of countless scientific studies, science-fiction movies, and pop culture tropes.   Read More

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Interview with Lauri Bingham of T-Mobile
By Brooke German

Lauri Bingham, director of technology PMO at T-Mobile, is an upbeat and hardworking woman. Her positivity is infectious, and the work she does to inspire other women is life-changing. She shares her passion for her career with us.   Read More

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Five Ways to Attract and Retain More Women to Work in Technology
By Cheryl Cran

Even with the rise of robotics and technology, companies are struggling to find and attract top talent.   Read More

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An Interview with Sudha Jamthe
By Brooke German

Sudha Jamthe's passion for technology inspires many. She shares her insights about this vast, ever-changing world.   Read More

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An Interview with Kesha Williams, Java Rockstar
By Kara M. Zone

Kesha Williams is an all-around professional, a mother, a mentor, and a Java Rockstar.   Read More

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Women's History Month: Thoughts on My History as a Woman in Technology
By Marian Cook

With International Women's Day just past, I have been reflecting on my career in technology, how much I enjoy it, and how I am now no longer the only woman in the room.   Read More