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How to Deal with Workplace Bullying in a Professional Manner
By Hasibuddin Ahmed

Bullying in the workplace comes in various forms - smooth, hard and indirect. It can come from anyone; from bosses to colleagues and even when you least expect it. Bullies are typical workplace sociopaths who manifest their power of office or insecurities in the form of bullying to justify their work capabilities.   Read More

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Why Control Is a Trap that Will Slow Your Business Growth (and what to do about it)
By David Finkel

You don't have to choose between having your life while your business suffers or having your business grow but sacrificing your life.   Read More

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Two Ways to Work Less While Working More
By Andy Core

Convincing yourself - and your boss - that some "no" work is good work   Read More

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Severance Agreements: Negotiating With A Goal In Mind
By Karen Berntson

For most people, being offered a severance agreement or package can create a sense of relief, panic or both. Some workers may have been anticipating a layoff and are feeling lucky to get some money to tie them over while they look for a new opportunity.   Read More

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Three Common Playground Behaviors To Increase Professional Resilience
By Courtney Clark

When it comes to finding resilience in our professional lives, it turns out that some youthful behaviors could actually be the key.   Read More

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Work Made For Hire Clauses: Independent Contractor or Statutory Employee Under California Law?
By Erica Bristol, Esq.

Technology companies, startups and sole proprietors often include a "work made for hire" clause in agreements with independent contractors, such as programmers and graphic artists, to ensure that any copyrightable aspects of work created by the independent contractor are owned by the company/sole proprietor who contracted the work.   Read More