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Women in Technology: Now is the Time to Come Together
By SmartBear Staff

According to, "Solving for XX," a CNET special report, as of 2015 only 30 percent of people working in the tech industry are women. Go a level deeper and only 14.3 percent of board seats at the top 100 tech companies by revenue in June of 2013 were women...   Read More

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Is your Salary up to Date with 2016?
By Christine Hoffman-Hicks

Of course, what we hear is, How would I know? We define an salary as one that takes into account factors such as skill level, demand and cost of living. Combined, they render the big picture of an effective income. In tracking national data, we recently performed an analysis of how tech salaries paired with the leading indicator for cost of living: average rent. We thought the results were eye-opening, just look-   Read More

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Win the Battle for Your Mind
By Will Marré

If you want to imagine what prison is like, just imagine yourself being surrounded by physically powerful males who have low self worth, high frustration and virtually no impulse control. It's cruel, scary and violent. Living your life controlled by your temporary emotions is a living hell. That's what prison is like.   Read More

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Hertha Marks
By Julia Miglets

In the late of April, Google had another notable logo change where graphics portray significant dates in history. The search engine has a way of bringing important people to light. When using the search engine we often see creative animations in place of the original logo, and we click on them because they are interesting. And so, on 28 April, those of us at WITI were introduced to an influential engineer, mathematician, physicist, and inventor via Google logo artwork: Hertha Marks Ayrton.   Read More

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How to Walk that Fine Line in Your Career Each Day...
By Chris Makell

It's no secret (heck it's a highly visible discussion in women in tech twitter feeds, Facebook groups, Slack and other forums) women in tech are facing the ever-present challenge of women in tech representation in leadership roles.   Read More

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How I Teach Men to Work with Women
By Will Marré

There is a growing recognition that considering a large number of diverse ideas will usually lead to better solutions than considering a small number of similar ideas. In problem-solving the model is divergence precedes convergence. That seems simple enough. But it turns out that relatively few people are good at actually listening to different opinions and ideas.   Read More