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Recap: Summer Time Mix & Mingle - Experience Diffuse Awareness
By Terry Dear

WITI OC held a June networking event entitled "Mix & Mingle - Experience Diffuse Awareness." Networking events are intimidating if you do not know anyone in attendance and you are an introvert.   Read More

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WITI Pittsburgh Recap: Network Launch
By Julia Opre

On January 23, 2019, WITI Pittsburgh held its network launch.   Read More

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Tampa Bay Network: Geek Glam
By WITI News Staff

Our Sixth Annual Geek Glam was another success!   Read More

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Houston Network: Scaling Product Backlogs to All Levels of the Enterprise
By WITI News Staff

In this talk, the network had a guided discussion about the popular approaches for scaling product ownership with program and portfolio analysis.   Read More

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Network Director Spotlight with Bethany Plaza
By Julia Miglets

Bethany Plaza is the director of WITI's (Women in Technology International) Phoenix chapter. Julia Miglets, WITI's media manager, talked to Bethany about her role as a network director.   Read More

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Women in Technology International: Mentorship & Advocacy
By Scotiabank Global

On July 10th, 2018, I attended the Women in Technology International (WITI) event where we all had the pleasure of watching Lisa Ricciardelli speak on a panel of inspiring women in leadership. The topic of the evening was mentorship and advocacy.   Read More