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My Strong Work/Life Balance is My Biggest Success Yet
By SmartBear Staff

Always a hard worker, competitive and goal driven, I worked in fast-paced sales roles for 10 years, chasing aggressive quotas month after month. I talked shop continuously; I'm sure boring my friends over dinner more often than I care to admit.   Read More

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How the 2016 US Election Showcases the Need for Content Governance
By Isabelle Guis

I have been in the United States for several presidential election cycles now, and I am not alone in thinking the 2016 race for the White House has been the most bizarre. Some of the reasons for this are a little more predictable than others, but one factor, in particular, sticks out to me.   Read More

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Technology at the World Series
By Brooke German

The first World Series took place in 1903, but it wasn't until 1921 that it was broadcasted in radio. The response was so great that teams were concerned that the broadcasts would continue to keep listeners away from the ballpark. They decided to only broadcast the away games in order to promote attendance at the park. As it turns out, people didn't want to miss the action in person.   Read More

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The Best Tech for Long Drives
By GEICO Staff

Long drives can be really boring. And since many summer trips are road trips, most people are looking for ways to pass time in the car. You don't have spend a ton of cash on new gadgets to entertain your crew, though. Your own mobile devices-along with a few smart apps-can make the miles fly by.   Read More

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TECH BLITZ: Uber Cuts Out Drivers, U.S. Giving Up Internet Control
By Izenda Content Strategist

Would you jump in a Uber car with no driver at the wheel? If you head to Pittsburgh late this month, don't be too surprised if you have to make that decision when you call Uber. The company announced plans to test semi-autonomous vehicles in that Pennsylvania city in late August. Partially self-driving Volvo XC90 vehicles will be sent to customers at random who use the Uber app.   Read More

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How to Use Technology for Work Skills Development
By Sarah Smith

Today, a growing number of upwardly mobile professionals rely on technology to upgrade key career skills. The Internet has facilitated an explosion of online learning opportunities. Just consider a few of the options available for excelling in this area   Read More