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In Her Words: Work | Life | Balance
By Camelia Rusu

If you're like most, some days can be a real struggle to keep our cool when our personal life and work compete for attention. But, when I catch a glimpse of someone who seems unusually self-assured, it gains my full attention. That happened when I heard Camelia Rusu deliver her thoughtful responses during a panel session at the 2015 WITI Summit.   Read More

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WITI WIN SEMI Silicon Valley Breakfast Workshop Recap, November 13, 2015
By Hillary Barnhart

Six Steps to Developing Compelling and Engaging Digital Content - "Write On!" Hillary Barnhart, Senior Director Business Operations and Program Management, Applied Materials and WITI WIN Semi Director   Read More

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Job Transitions that Work: From Stock-Picker to Chip Maker
By Linda Strunk Miller

Linda Strunk Miller has spent the majority of her career in the semiconductor industry; several years in Silicon Valley, and several on Wall Street.   Read More