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Pro Athlete Career Lessons #1 - Leadership Strategy
By Fatimah Gilliam Founder, and CEO The Azara Group

With the start of football recently kicking off, basketball season just around the corner, and the wrap-up of baseball season, now is the perfect time for professional athletes to take stock of their leadership skills and evaluate their impact on their careers and the success of their teams.   Read More

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It's Time to Standardize Social: Introducing the Social System
By Gretchen Fox

In my last blog post, "No, it's not you-Social Media Advice Really Is All Fluff," I called for social professionals to take action and set some standards to improve our industry. Today, I'd like to share the simple, straightforward, easy-to-follow, systematic and scalable approach my business partner, Kyra Reed, and I have identified (and visualized) for how to develop a social strategy and program. We are calling it The Social System.   Read More

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Next Level Networking: An Interview with Rae Wang
By Julia Miglets

My first job before I went into the high-tech industry was working with sports marketing in Asia. While I worked in Asia I was not allowed to travel with the men's sports teams. They said that women can bring bad luck if they go to their sporting events.   Read More

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The Seven Laws of Empowerment That Are Making You Frustrated
By Will Marré

I use the term invisible discrimination because bias is too benign. Discrimination results from using superficial factors such as gender, race, age, weight, social status, or job title to determine the responsibilities, opportunities and resources people are given. When certain classes of people are systematically given lower power jobs, fewer opportunities and resources, their positive impact is muted and their confidence extinguished.   Read More

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The Multigenerational Workforce Communication Conundrum
By Dana Brownlee

When I was married just five years ago if I had something important to tell my husband, I'd most likely pick up the phone and tell him. Just the other day I sent him a text message with some important news and became increasingly agitated as I waited and waited for his return text only to receive a completely insufficient response "k." To this I immediately picked up the phone (displeased by his lack of enthusiasm at my great news) and complained vehemently only to be embarrassed when he explained, "Dana, it's great news, but I'm driving on 285 and just couldn't type!" This type of miscommunication has become all too commonplace.   Read More

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By Chris Makell

You set your schedule, you booked the right meetings, you knew exactly what to say to move people to action and as a result, it led to your role as a leader today. Your team, however, may not have the exact same focus, energy and commitment that you had and your frustration is starting to show.   Read More