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Witi women

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Hall of Fame 1996 Retrospective
By Kara M. Zone

One can only be inspired when listening to Carolyn Leighton speak about WITI. She is a champion for the contribution women have made for today and tomorrow's STEM advancements.   Read More

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Women in Technology: Now is the Time to Come Together
By SmartBear Staff

According to, "Solving for XX," a CNET special report, as of 2015 only 30 percent of people working in the tech industry are women. Go a level deeper and only 14.3 percent of board seats at the top 100 tech companies by revenue in June of 2013 were women...   Read More

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The One Way to Become Smarter
By Will Marré

I am very interested in how to improve human judgment. All leadership success, and yes, life success depends on it. Harvard-based researchers have spent years proving that virtually all of us are irrationally biased. We all have opinions that are not based on facts or direct experience but rather emotional thinking shortcuts. You see, thinking takes a lot of energy and discipline but our brains are built for efficiency so it is always designing shortcuts. The name of these mental shortcuts is stereotypes.   Read More

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WITI's 2016 Top 10 List of Achievements for Women in Technology
By Carolyn Leighton

It's hard to believe 20 years have passed since WITI worked with Rene Redwood to write the technology piece in the U.S. Government Glass Ceiling Report. At the end of every year, our team takes a look at what we have accomplished to ensure we are on track for serving our members, our partners, and our mission.   Read More

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Think Like a Goddess
By Will Marré

Maintaining your psychological balance is difficult. Human thinking is loaded with land mines. Our thoughts about our significant relationships and life experiences constantly churn in the daily whirlpool of trivial events, superficial relationships, personal moods and the sharp edges of minor frustrations. It's not easy to keep your balance if you're roller skating through life through a rain storm of emotions on potholed path littered with falling trees and broken glass.   Read More

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The STAR Formula, a Recipe for Success
By Anshuma Singh

As a woman software engineering development and operations manager in India, working for a large semiconductor capital equipment company, I was offered the opportunity to give a talk on how to succeed in a complex, largely male, organization. It wasn't until then that I sought a crisp recipe for success for others in my company. I tried to define a sure-shot formula one could apply to be successful, seeing if specific traits or qualities stood out. Out of this, came the STAR Formula, a recipe for success.   Read More